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BBK · Korn · The Korn Kobblers · Paddy Korn

Now all of a sudden their names getting mentioned
In the same sentence as mine by the critics
What has this world come to
Man better control Z
Check my account, that's a madness
Check my account, that's a madness (OVO, BBK)
Block that account, that's a catfish
Block that account, that's
Når togji kryssa va 're morot sjå,
for engorn skull reise, og are skull tå.
Der rek det ferdafolk ifrå land og by.
Dit kom dæ folk frå Nesby'n,
like a pimp

Baby Hugh Hef, that's my name
KoRn brings the porn and a little of the fame
Baby Hugh Hef, that's my name
Fieldy's got game so you
on his mouse
His phone's been busy now for over a week
So I dropped by to see what in Sam Hell is going on

And here's what he said to me:
Come on in
getting old
So I'll sow my korn by the Helmet in the Bush
And in the meantime I want you all to help me push
With the Tool of intolerance I'm ready
his image: his rock and his glock
And if he lives to see 20, he will beat the clock
He's got his ride and he's fried and girls by his side
He makes
listening to Korn
Hit the hotel
Bought out all the rooms smoking out the whole floor
Fans in the lobby standing by the brochures
Knocking on the door
never fuck me up, Bisc Limpkit. 
At least I got a phat, original band. 

Who's hot, who's not? 
You best step back, Korn on the cob, you need
Fuck me up, bisc limpkit. at least I got a phat, original band.

Fred: who's hot, who's not? 

Jon: you.

Fred: you best step back, korn
Bocephus, Beasties, and the Kings of Rock
Skynyrd, Seger, Limp, Korn, the Stones
David Allen Coe, and No Show Jones

Yeah! Pass that bottle around
Yo, Eskiboy
BBK, dun know

Yo, bigging up Teeza
Man done a remix
Then I came through with the bars on point
Cause I'm a realist
I'm goin' sharpen ya blades
Let's get it on
Videos with bullets flying through Korn
Blow! Footage turn ya camcords on
It's the underground nigga
doin' that as soon as that blizzard hits hell
You thought I would?
Not the Ryda crew
You should holla at Korn, they'll probably eat your butthole
to tell a story, ohh, baby!
Blood on the walls, street life

America's worst nightmare, ahead by light years
Hip hop's only shining star in the night's
beeten to, hummel, hummel "Mors, mors"
Ick bün ruut, de Schippmester bün as de annern
Nordisch by Nature

Sach mal weißt du überhaupt, was das Leben hier

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