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I'm so cold (oh)
I'm so cold, I'm so cold, I'm so cold

This is the remix
This is the remix
Go ahead replay it
This is the remix 

(Man I'm fresh as hell in this hoodie!)
Let's get it!
Wit' my hoodie on!
Wit' my hoodie on!
Wit' my hoodie on!

See the money!
Teachers asking how and why, bitches passing by
Oh my he so gangsta!

I'ma tell you what I'm talking about
When I was a young boy
My mama always told me
It's ya boy Ne-Yo, we gonna do it like this
The Roc is in the building, yeah (It's the remix yo)
Kanye is in the building
(Yo, the monster don is
I don't spread no strong message of violence nobody silence me
Quiet gun shots start riots so do children fry them little boys
Don't try it kill'em
Rap stack, spectacular with the vernacular
Stealth from a killing spree, they call be Blackula
Step back, get your neck fractured by the rapture
to introduce myself
Queen L-A-T-I-F-A-H is my name
Jersey, what's poppin', we ain't gon' stop and
Keep'em heads boppin', the remix droppin'
Big girl, big
The fifth principle is imagination
The imagination is literally workshop 
where in are fashioned all plans created by man
the impulse, the desire is
[Intro: Bizzy Bone]
Rock-n-roll? Naw this that flip-flop flow, fuck them boys
Man, if you niggaz gon' do somethin man
(Hit that shit right there
That's the alkaholiks functions, conjunction junction
The remix version for all the brothers out there
That got shit on they chest and just wanna