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and he can teach us how to fly,
We're gonna take our journey, Adam and I.

Our Lord is in his heaven, He watches us below,
His seed was made for
Stand still and know that He is God
And there's no need to fight, the battle is not yours, the battle is the Lord's.

There is trouble at every
come battle scars
It's the final charge
Here come battle scars

There's a child born
To the land of scorn
Sees past the borders
And the lords that
come battle scars
It's the final charge
Here come battle scars

There's a child born
To the land of scorn
Sees past the borders
And the lords that
All aboard America here comes the freedom train
All aboard America here comes the freedom train

The freedom train is rolling down two hundred
Reduce to none, thou art unborn
The end of man, human dethroned
All light is gone..."

The rage of lord is ever true
You have been led by the eternal
battle facing the fire Lord thy will be done
Into battle walk in a line

See the white in their eyes Caroleans are marching on
Put their lives in God's
war on His Word, with truth they have their fight.
Wisdom calls but can they hear?
Who can battle with His might?
For by the Word we shall live or by it
yo, yo, yo
Jedi Mind
Heavenly Divine
steadily shine
ikon the fucking hologram
yo, yo, yo, yo

[Ikon the H ologram]
another sacrificial lamb
is out
from Missouri 
Fought for the gray and Quantril
Caught up by the battle and the fury 
Back when just living was hell 

After the battle was over
wherein is the breathe of life,
from under heaven, and every thing that is in the
Land shall die...and I shall wipe away
the world I created upon
Thank the Lord for Clara Barton and long live her name
The American Red Cross is her claim to fame.
When you see a Red Cross worker in a time of flood
the wind
As my Chariot strives in the Storm
With the hot blood of Battle
I wait in my saddle
I live and I'll die by the sword

Crack the Earth, Gods
history repeats itself, evil's what it is.
'Cause Lucifer was cast away for doing what I did.
Created by the God who spoke the earth into existence,
fear in pain
Throughout the minds of those too sane
To realize this is no game,
Drinking the lies in Heaven's name.
Spear of tin, forged by Muse
of all misery 
Imprisoned by the lord of deceit 
Entwined in a world of chaos 

Enslaved, compiled, degraded 
Death is a choice 
Hail thee for no
and denied 
Defeat the Chosen One 
Die by my Sword and die by my Hand 
I will be Lord and the Ruler of Man 
Give Light to the Blind 
The End
final fallings
Gardens lost and echoes calling
Adam, where are you?

I saw the banshee in the hands of my Lord
Only mercy held her release
But nothing's
hard to lode a love
I'm gon' stay strong and pray to the lord
Cause everything he does is for a cause (Yeah)
Adam Ikenser, that was my dog (My nigga)
come around, someone's getting shot down
And all I say is a prayer, so help me Lord
Then the Lord talk back, I can't help you boy
That's fucked up, my
The desert is my prophet
As our lives end by the minute
Stand up straight and fucking put on your war paint

Time to die
Hammer high
Name your price
For our true nature is sin
To strip tender flesh from these swine
Like the lick of carnivorous winds

The breath of the storm that begins
By forcing its
raised by psycho-crazed lumberjacks.
So in a battle I be stabbin',choppin' M-C'ss like trees,
Piece-by-piece buildin' cabins.
I'm a maniac magician,
[Repeat: x2]
Lord live within my heart.. Lord don't you ever stop..
Fill me up with what I need.. just have to ask I shall receive..

to stand
There is no turning back
So gather the strength you received from the powers above

Now Kira is attacked by the enemy lord
Deadly combat with