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The bluest water and bonfires

I got on rose colored glasses
You're batting your eyelashes
Come on, don't be passive
So last time will be
Ready for his oath and his life to start
Ah he just can't lose, he's all over the news
batting sweet baby blues, it's the American way
to hell with
like the speed of our love
Batting a thousand, but a homerun crack at love
This is where I tell you that, I know love's what I need to work at

(Blue steel can't rule me
All the guards and let the sirens ring)
Working hard like there's a gun in my back
I'll be batting one thousand
no fun
I'm in denial and you're no fun

I'm in denial and we are done
Batting the style of the lonely one
Takin' the hit for your chosen son
know it, I pop a diamond ring
On a girl like you batting them baby blues
Lookin' at me saying, "you want one or two"
And after a few good years waking
be ill when I bust the grill but we chill
Who the fattest? {Hiero} It's batting practice


It's no feat, how I defeat, weaker
individuals set
help it
Our hands they touch I feel the rush
Angelic crush I think I love you
Eyelashes batting I'm unraveling
It hurts so much I think I love you
you a addict you a fein
Get you wet like a dream
Hit it like its batting practice
Damn look at my batting average
Beat it like a savage
V12 sex drive
and live for the day drinking wine with a girl from Peru
And see golden lights with batting eyes
I swear my old life is through
Cut out the existential plan
I’ll show up when she with her friends
Where they at? Let me at em
Knock em down, batting practice
1.0 my batting average
It’s wild how I Pujos
Battling battling  
Energy from another world 
Now I'm battling Batting
Back and forth with social order 
Now I'm battling battling 
Fighting for a new life
batting better eyes
You'll be hiding all your lies in mine

Now I got commitment stains
Your grits still running thru my veins

After a whole year
elaborate, stuck in labyrinth
Stuck in amazement, I can’t not fathom this
Look at my averages, I’m batting batting a thousand
Call up the agent, tell em
When you on God's side you got the G Codes like
R2 R2 L1 R2 Left Down Right Up Left Down Right Up
Ducks on the pond we batting cleanup
And attached to my heart

I'm held up in bars
In people and cars
The joker had shattered
All but to shards

To reflect batting eyes
Anxiety and lies
Compton or Paramount
"Well is it Compton?"
"No," she replied and quickly start batting her eyes and
I strictly had wanted her thighs around me
up at me batting at me

â??Sock it your daddy wild man
Hook it boy, hook it
Play that guitar show â??em son

Yeah that's my boy alright
napalms in my hands, flame the fuses, like ca psss, off you go
I'm nice batting, I practice when the park is closed
I'm that man who squats out of jeeps
But the people want everything else
OK, no problem, I'll show up on everyone album
You know what the outcome will be
I'm batting a thousand
As the dashboard Madonna
Smiled back at us kindly

We cheated the system never batting an eyelid
Seeing only the good
Through the holes in our
the chance to tell my dad I was a Yankee fan
True love is unconditional, money don't make a man
First time me in a batting cage, I knew I had a gift
Which I
Batting average three-five-seven and still hittin'
Y'all still bitchin, still lame and still chicken
I'm still here, one leg missin' and still
will have to pass it
I ain't passing out until I'm asthma attacking
I take a plan and then I back to back it
Hit after hit, check the batting average

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