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the look in your eyes

So break me down to my basest parts
Tear me up from my head to my heart
And at the end you'll laugh like you do
Say what you will but
the look in your eyes

So break me down to my basest parts
Tear me up from my head to my heart
And at the end you'll laugh like you do
Say what you will but
basest thoughts do the thinking
You've no shame 
When Scarlet is your name 
Trust in flames
When Scarlet is your name

Yes, he's crying in his sleep,
to itself it only live and die,
But if that flower with base infection meet,
The basest weed outbraves his dignity:

For sweetest things turn sourest by
lived right

Some would call me a cheat call me a liar
Say that I've been defeated by the basest desired
Yes I have strayed and succumbed to my vices
At the bus stop and the doormat
Well I saw through all that
I found, I found holes in that
And the basest of all lives
You swore you never cry
Never alone 
Children around him 
Are singing his song 
Never fulfilling 
That basest need 
Because in their eyes 
He could never succeed 

But with
It's shameful if it leads to satisfaction 
The basest incentive of interaction 
Fruit: the root of all motivation 
Pluck or fall, there's no
the streets
The black worm has returned
From its unnatural sleep
Not enough living to bury the dead
Plague riot letting loose
Our basest tendencies
of the ego
The basest level of thought compels the worm
Telekinetic, yet non-sentient
Driven by the intrinsic need to purge
It's sinister gaze inspires cranial
I won't be a slave to the basest of my instincts 
No pawn in sex-power charades 
We're more than just a pretty face 
Fuck their judgment 
Fuck their
Still I occupy time with the basest of lives, I dilute myself with a pill or a pint
Does the numbing go beyond the beer on my breath each night?
importantly worth surviving
I was once told that all I can do is take everything one step at a time, one day at a time
But at its basest elements, I am only
of a pumpkin
A belly full of the grind of a swine
Speaking to the crimson's basest desires
Corrupted cleric preaching to the fucking choir
Lock up the little
this emotion, why all this commotion now?

On the way to the sound I fuck it up all the time
We could rely on our basest fears to make us smarter than
We tryna going escape
Trip to da A
We came from rags to riches we hit the basest bitches
Oh woah woah
These niggas be stealing my flow we take
There's nothing like your cool to beat the heat.
You see, you have got a power over me.

Man or animal, I'm driven to the basest state of mind.
the values I would die for
Not the basest civil servant
The rudimentary crack whore
And no one gives two fucks
About the values I could kill for
Give them
To dwell forever in a Maison Blanche
Purity through corruption, who am I to 
Blame when your basest instincts are realized?
I tell you what I want to

never more than what is safe

I show you what I want to

And the rest I hide away
Towards the basest of things
Animals don't wear uniforms but they kill as much as you
But the army kills for money and animals kill for food
It's the basest degradation in the name
The shade of faith referred as true 
Your basest hubris as a beast 
Vain fore that monumental reach

Incredible in truest sense 
Events unfathomably dense
the basest fools
Teaching children that we came from a tree
Abusing their minds and sexually
Telling people what they want to hear 
Keeps you in a constant
every day influence and shape the world
around us. Edmund Bruce wrote in his book Reflections
that government preyed on the basest instincts found
in man;

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