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The son of a major, Prussian nobleman
His name bestowed by a holy Roman
The war broke out, so he looked to the air
24 hours of training and he was

Condemned to walk this cursed earth
All that remains
Baron decay
Saturated floods of fire
Wave by wave I drown in flames
Undying - Undead

n the terminal point
Of the cul-de-sac
Patients are dying
The horses are dazed
From the glare of stars
The starry wisdom
Owned by the Baron
of a skull
A shadowy Loa, with red eyes, so cold in the dark

You are my call of the day
Praying to open the gate
You’ve been fooled by Marie
For years
money by the sewer
Broccoli head, lookin' kind of super
Life, right, almost white
She had a fresh shot, vice grip tight
She said don't stop, I said
the walking dead, the fly by night
I'm the last of the fading light
In the unbarred door, the open encasement
I'm the steps leading down to the basement
Jacob was a dirt poor farm boy
Raised at the fork in the road in a clapboard house
And Rachael was a land baron's daughter
Born with a silver
and the treason 
The faith and allegiance 
To the empire unknown 

The baron and his mistress 
Dine in fine banquet hall 
As rebel insurgents plot in
I grew up impressed by the people I knew
In the buckle of the Bible belt
Hopped in the van with the band
Now I've been just about everywhere else
of the Vodoun faith
Revenge in store for enemies they hate
Soon to die awaiting to arise

Doomed to die by a malevolent curse
Carnival of chaos
CRUISING DOWN THE RIVER (On a Sunday Afternoon)
Blue Baron/Russ Morgan
- words and music by Eily Beadell and Nell Tollerton, two middle-aged women
his final wish
No gave he clue his further plan
They buried him knights honours full 
Earned by this valiant man
He never spoke his final wish
within a stony lamp-lit hall
Under falling grains of sand
Magic eyes glance magic pages
Turned by magic hands

And as he spoke I watched in awe
Have kept me mystified
An art revealed to no one
Some say insanity
A lesson from The Baron
Master of mystery
I'm mystified
Shadows of his thoughts
Seething spite for this live largesse
By her side sits the baron
Her barrenness barbs her
And we'll all come praise the infanta
And we'll all come praise
the tallest tree
But there is one tale that as yet been told
The story of... The Outsider

Desolate and baron, humanities at a crossroads
The people have
when the oil barons have all dripped dry
And the nights are seen to draw colder
They'll beg for your strength, your gentle power
Your noble grace
will soon be here
Everything should be ready by now for sending of dead

Place the image of Saint Expedit
Upside down and around
I hear, Doctor Le Croix
to malady,
For here the chords that will make history,
Oh mystery.
They say 'strike him down!'
'strike him down!'

His 'strife stirred France' repaid by
he's gotta take a side.
There's no middle ground in this Johnson country war.
Well, the neighbors stopped by yesterday, while I was outside choppin'
these days than the days before
People have been getting by for years, on mental toughness and the grit 

Hey we're just workers, confident and realistic,
cries this tyrant, aimed for bloodshed.
Three flags will fly between the Esk and Dee rivers.
"The triumph's my king!" screams this baron son, devised for
can't Best Buy 'em
These niggas that I roll with
Don't let a single thing get by 'em
King pins and them drug lords
Chi-town, no gun laws
Broke bitches
to the Porsche's with the wides on it
'Fore you snitches bitch, you better put your lives on it
Get you twisted by the ? with them wires on it
I get my money
keep company
With south of France society
That's only for Americans
The Frenchman hasn't large amounts
To pay for Barons, Dukes and Counts
That you

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