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O sacred banquet 
wherein Christ is received,
the past remembered, 
and the future revealed,
our sins forgiven, and our life restored:
O sacred
O sacrum convivium! O sacred banquet!
Behold, the meal where Christ is received
O sacrum convivium! O sacred banquet!
May we become what we receive
cleansed and made me holy
I'm righteous now because of grace
God's grace
Grace He so freely gives

Like beggars at the banquet
Lord, You brought me in.
on anyone

I’d climb any mountain just to get you free
I would swim the ocean, can you do the same for me?

Got no money lying at the bank
Got no banquet
part 1) 

Welcome my friends to the banquet table
All of my friends please gather round 

So I took a look around to see who he invited here tonight
at the Renaissance Fair 
As he shook my hand, I shook in despair 

At an old banquet hall in Redding, hall in Redding, hall in Redding 
I ruined your wedding, ruined
So then, up upon this high wall
Looking at the street lights
All spread out like a banquet
Why is this room so silent?
Only when I'm moving
Here dispelling magik speaks
Come to the banquet of names
Fierce and merciless is the demon's toil
At the banquet of names
Control is never enough, it
Upon a crucifixion rod

Tortured, blinded, and buried alive
Hosting fire at a banquet with our callers inside
Solidify dominance
A choir of shame
A won't a you a dance wit me at the annual all star a banquet
A will a feel so fancy free at the annual all star a banquet
Everyone in town will be
fell asleep
Imerse the dark 聞こえてくる
Open doors 見えてくる
Make believe with me
Traveling 二人
夢が everything
Bring a banquet back to life
Say you'll never
drifted into the custody
Of a sheriff that was just deputized

And I was down at the banquet hall
When two guys came up, pretty angry and drunk
And I'm
on anyone.
I'd climb any mountain, just to get you free,
I would swim the ocean, can you do the same for me?
Got no money, lying at the bank,
Got no banquet
on prend ta part on garde tout
Chez nous y a des calibres et des Mesrines un peu partout
T'es en chien devant les banquets, t'appelles
Yes We Can, mais
Only came us out the house to have a banquet
How much it cost to have some brain while a lane switch?
Fuck it, when you got the change, money
Le regne de la hyene
Le banquet sauvage 
Le banquet est ouvert
Le banquet est ouvert 
Le banquet est ouvert

Le régime de la
Banquet of enigmatic horrors!
The wicked have had their fill!
At the banquet of enigmatic horrors!
You'll suffer til death!

Now the feast begins,
to the banquet with the ageless kings of Hell
Come on and join, join, join us! You might as well 
Come to the banquet with the ageless kings of Hell

Tell us of your
My jeans (Fitted!)
They don't want me to win man I get it
Flood my wrist with banquets man I did it
They don't like what I did man I get it
Heard you
who believe

Come, O come, come to the banquet
Come to the table, come to the feast
Bread of life, cup of salvation
Come to the altar, come, taste
on luxury
But luxury is artificial poverty
We sit at the banquet table
Meals served like we're kings and queens
Yet all we ingest is a plate of envy
this world compares
To Your love, to Your love
Nothing in this world compares
To Your love, to Your love

Calling each conqueror
To a banquet of Your
His carcass is cremated,
Viscera to soup.

Organs to the banquet,
Brain to desert.
In this bloody banquet
Eyes as adornment.
Drinking the blood
The banquet's over, the ball is done
The lights are dim, we're the only ones
The stairs flow down to the street from the hall
And now it's time

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