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make the hit parade
You're number one in my heart
As long as I can play a part

Vegetarian by choice
Not by fashion
It's not so much what you eat
As what
Thanks to "john d.hayman"  (jukebox john)
Thanks to kirk anderson  for some refinements.
On the Mississippi Mud.

And what a dance do they do
Lordy, how I'm tellin' you
Why, they don't need no band
They keep time by clappin their hand.


Can't you see by the will of your hand
You can give it a try and just name your price
And everybody in this rock & roll band
Don't want
John 15:13
Words and Music by Bob Hartman
I wear my seatbelt in the car I buckle up for safety
I run for cover from the storm
I wear a band aid on my
For the boys march at dawn from the south to the north
Led by Kelly, the boy from Killanne!"
Tell me who is the giant with the gold curling hair,
the wagons
And you hide behind the trees,
And you try to find some courage on your knees.
When you heard the sound of taps played
By the one man band,
You knew
One for the money and two for the show
Three for the busker who plays by the road
They say life's a bitch, and then you die
And if wishes were
Coming back in, five, four, three, two, one...

[Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, check out my band playing, Rhythm Roots Allstars
They play for DipSet, E-40,

[Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, check out my band playing, Rhythm Roots Allstars
They play for DipSet, E-40, Lil' Jon, Jennifer Hudson and Norah Jones
they're gonna tear you a new one 
Welcome to Nashville
If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one around 
If a band plays in Nashville, does it
words with a pen
Tell the pilot “land the plane”
No Roosevelt and Main
Put a jacuzzi on the seven train
And lay John Coltrane play with that cocaine
I got a job in a band called Black 47 
I was doin' nothin' special after 11 
Oh we learned some tunes and wrote some songs 
And we bought
underwood (keyboards, alto saxophone)
Aynsley dunbar (drums)

I mean, really, really, I mean, you guys,
What can I say, you guys are my favorite band
The uptown jazz sound and the chicks start mingling
Now let's watch a flick by John Singleton
Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth is in the Mecca house

Puff Daddy, enough already
Now its P. Diddy still sound shitty
How can your group be called Da Band
No body plays an insterment man
I dont
Three Dog Night?!!


Oh! I love them! They're my favorite band!.. ow gawd.. oh, do you like my new car? I'm ah.. my Dad just gave it to me for
dies in the name of grave mistakes
That we all make
Believe that we're getting by treating ourselves wrong
Throw me a reindeer John letter party
Jimmy Page stood tall on screen
I was mesmerized by everything
The Peter Grant and John Paul Jones dream sequence scenes
The close-up of the mahogany
And his Barbara Krueger's had been irreparably damaged 
By Rein Sanction and a few other bands from Gainsville 
That refused to acknowledge the value

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