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My sugar loin he ate it, ate it
This cake batter baited, baited
Make him shake on his knees for this kitty, begging please
Yeah my honey wall he
to the ones that truly adhere me
Im running up bands I made it (Made it)
You switched up on me you baited (Baited)
Claimed you were mans I waited (Waited)
who's realer than I 
Get baited go down, you'll squeal and you'll cry 
Get baited go down never will I 
10 toes down, no tip toeing round, no mask
Pretty girl acting with her ego inflated
Eating up the fact that she never been played with
Ruthless and stupid til she got baited and tainted
from above
Anything for clout, pressure from above
This mommies, this mommies getting baited to the clubs 
Anything for the clout, pressure from above
These empty scenes take things from me

Whoa, tempted to be baited
This machine is to be slaved
Tempted to be baited
This machine is to be slaved
Oh baby better light me a cigarette 
Before I go insane
Nicotine lingering on your baited breath
Ignites my kerosine

I like it when it hurts
I like
It is your weakness

They've got American candy
You're sweet and sated, so sedated
For the American kids
You're hooked and baited, annihilated
Over My Dead Body

After the Nazis we were baited by the Russian bear
our "liberators" wanted Poland for a thoroughfare
I was a victim
feel shaken I feel baited
When everything you say keeps changing
And I've been feeling fucking jaded
Maybe now
Finally found
A way out
As I stand
if I waste it
My daddy says serpents plot
Adam and Eve were baited
Be real, don’t lie
Don’t make me play truth or dare
Don’t be, so selfish
But does that mean everything?
A slow and cold decay
Of baited of misery
"Don't Stop" 
They Keep singing
"Don't stop"
But you're not mechanical

Like my body forgets it's language
All because of you

Cold sweats and baited breath
I keep on whistling, whistling in the dark
Move on, there's
of the Players but she keeps getting baited
Feel like she stuck with no way out
She’s just trying to figure this thing out
She’s tired of all the friendemies
I called you
Gonna get it if I have to crawl through
Think it's time to cut your baited line in…
Brain dead
Won't you kindly come check my head
Glass is
Hate it
You've been taken
You've been baited
Welcome to the other side

I think I really should
Going to school high cus' I'm highly educated
Out of my mind and I'm really  faded
Master of traps yeah these haters master baited
Cut em' all off
And teach me not to get baited with stage whispers like,
Can anybody turn me on?
I saw a girl last night called Charmaine Champagne
She wasn't
on high
I was lied to
Wrought by learning less from outside
I had a right to bruise
Baited and wily the moon it always opens up for me
I'm lost in this
when they baited
They only gonna support me if they thinking ima make it
In the field dodging the hate I'm in the matrix
I don't think they understand I
All your bullshit sayings
I know what this is your as fake as your praying
The ending was a sham, I was baited in a scam
Back into pieces to hide who I
You’re slowly running out of time
Get started
A temporary design
To get caught in
The story goes there’s ancient rat traps
Baited and set in
you wanna see me and you tryna break a sweat 
You can see that I saw the text 
Oh I had to keep you waiting and you wait with baited breath 
Send me
wasn't there
I left you hangin' once again
And like a fool
I baited you, I baited you
So cruel and unfair
Just never knew quite how to love
Your timeless

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