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I'm thankful for you
Never better than you (No)
The angels with you
And you baffle me too (Whoa)
I'm thankful for you
Never better than you, (No)
faut d'la money et c'est bon
T'entends le son dans les baffles ça fait boum (Sheesh)
Pour elle je serai le best
H24 j'suis dans le bail
Il faut d'la
baffle me, baffle me
With the way that you capture me, capture me
You capture me
You're still here
When I try to move on
You're still here
When I'm
Baffle them with your
Bullshit bullshit
If you can't dazzle them
With your brilliance
Baffle them with your
Bullshit bullshit
Everything is
le frigo
Fresques à l'encre fine faites au pinceau
Plus le beat qui pète les baffles de la twingo
Reste de triste shit dans le mégot
Zeste de citron
the balaclava
I'm sure you'll baffle 'em good
Will the ending reek of salty cheeks
And runny makeup alone?
Or will blood run down the face
Of a boy
the balaclava
I'm sure you'll baffle 'em good
Will the ending reek of salty cheeks
And runny makeup alone?
Or will blood run down the face
Of a boy
I swore to myself I would never make it past certain ages
So it baffles me how

I'm not six feet down deep
Covered in concrete
It's a mystery how
Rumors, rumors nothing but them 
Rumors float around me
Rumors, rumors nothing but them 
Rumors, got me thinking

People talk, it baffles me
What's there to hide, it baffles me 
Throw out those thoughts of jealousy 
So don't you cry and hold your head 
It's over 
So wait a minute 
Let me
the distance some radio would play a tender Elvis tune
But once again the mystery of love baffles a fool and a king
If he walked into this tragic scene 
bullshit baffles brains
And they cynically hold up their hands if anyone complains
And they say: "All we're doing is giving people what they want"
on the radio
The thing that baffles me are the things we cannot see

Headlines, what we gonna read tomorrow?
Headlines, something that we see today
drip talk niggas be on, shit just baffles me
I know the gang the ticket to get on, we just raffling
I got the master plan i'm just waiting to unravel it
veux pas qu'on me plaigne
Quand je vais bien j'ai trop d'appels
Qui sera là?
Je m'en ballek
J'creuse mon trou seul à la pelle
Ramène un baffle que je me
des rappeurs sous côté 
Tes rappeurs m'font rire comme Nephtali
J'te mets une baffle comme le Great Khali
Mon négro je tire dans la tête 
Ça ne sert
Where Time-and-Space has formed
A canopy that enfolds us
At the holy temple of your love
We speak in languages
That baffle the profane
At the holy temple
in my home
But the air is so cold (Cold)

Sorry if I cry
If I want dance all night
But the fun is my son (Son)

The way I live
Also baffles me
Can't be a casualty
They used to laugh at me
These niggas rapping for a name that shit baffles me
Can't be a casualty
I pop out magically
If ion
Nah nah
See what baffles me
Is that people still think, I'm the same guy from high school
Like what?
I know it's pretty obvious
You never wanna
head you go see red like sey na tin tomato

Must be a miracle, all of them dey baffle
Consulting oracle, I'm too much to handle
Use them set example,
on insta adding me
On snap they bitches adding me, ugh
When I pull up, I'm causing casualties
A master at capacity
The audacity baffles me, ugh
That has no
Over the mountains,
Stretched on the wind.

Sunlight heartens us,
Blind snow baffles us,
Clouds wheel after us
Ravelled and thinned,
fekeros los solemos esquivar ...

Y si hacemos las paces...

Ella no te necesita ´solasé quita la pena en el baffle de noche fumamos, reímos y follamos

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