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O He's A Bad Influence
Pon De Children Yeah Arh!


No Stranger To Danger
Respect No-One Sah (Rudie don't fear)
So No Move Him To Anger
I'm going
Bad, bad, bad
I'm going
Feel me out now


This life I live
Ain't extra
No angels to
Stand next
wont beef O' lets do it, cause you ain't bad
Happenin' music, is for the drug dealers
Happenin' music, influence thug niggas
Okay, so if you gettin'
the influence

Concentrate, and think about the words these monsters say
Moves that we make and the shit that we do
And soon you'll find yourself under
When is common sense too much to ask?
And then when did consequences get left in the past
Is it just bad habits or a typical script
Is it all big
A bad influence for the young that are eager to learn
The rules of a gang is fightin and killin
Did you ever stop to think that was blood you were
the groom and bride
Holler 'cheese' and face the Polaroid
Show the love you feel inside

Do you work at a job you despise? Do you live with cockroaches?
Johnny was bad, even as a child everybody could tell,
Everyone said, "If you don't get straight
You'll surely go to hell."

But Johnny didn't care,
live life lavish, and my chain is carats
The last flame on the train to Paris
Used to be lame, then I changed to maverick
So many clothes, can't name
I was raised in a time of regret and bad news (uh-huh)

So I was taught my values by bad dudes (uhh)
Hustlers and killers.. they taught me wrong
I'm seeing children being murdered by police and then acquitted on all charges
It's like they're all targets, pray for them
Pray for everybody

hate it's called scholarship
And why ain't no Whole Foods in the hood
All I see is fast food here, can we eat good?
We need black-owned, and less bad
2nd is the influence (you)
3rd is the innovator (me), 4th is the institution (my crew)
5th is perpetuity it lives throught the Delusion
Before I hop
the magnificent
Job You're doing as You sovereignly rule planet earth. I see Your divine
Signature on everything from creation, to people's lives. And You
all our trees and ruin innocent people's lives by branding them criminals and throwing them in jails, or sending them off to drug camps, or taking all
Go ahead and call me a coward and say I'm not strong
Because I'm not like you
Go ahead and call me crazy cause I live in a maze
Tell me how about

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