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mo nai kedo chigiru you ni oshaberi
itsumo ka mo fuka mo naku atama naderarenai

Slimmy face
Slimmy mind
Slimmy brain
Slimmy you&me

Bacteria Bacteria
the entire house
Swab all of the counters
Then you can find who really is
The cookie jar caper

Reveals so much about our lives
of me 
Can't get'em off a me 

I'm covered with... microscopic bacteria 
What do they want from me 
What'll they do to me? 
There's no escape for me
Hace lo que te gusta, no dejes de probar 

La música es una bacteria que nos hace ser normal 
La música es una bacteria que nos hace no estar mal 
Oh Riau Riau, oh Riau Riau,
Virus y bacteria son tal para cual, 
Oh Riau Riau, oh Riau Riau,
Pero si se juntan acaban fatal
Virus es un tipo que no
Gangrene completes the suffering
Spores breed from my dying brain
Amputation's in the only way I pray

Flesh-eating disease
Bacteria's devouring me
Bacteria ManBacteria KingdomWelcome to Bacteria Kingdom!Dark and great bacteria kingdomlive Bacteria Man and his soldiers.All the dirty dirty dirty
mi cuerpo
Ocho vasos de agua al día

Agua, agua, agua, 100% pura
Sin parásitos y ni bacterias
Agua, agua, agua, 100% pura
Sin parásitos y ni bacterias
van a llegar (Nah)
Soy supernatural algo fuera de lugar
Se juntaron Sam y Dean ready pa' limpiar (Ey)
A sacar bacterias de este género en particular
Itchy BacteriaGo go go!Go go go!Here and there BacteriaGo go go!Go go go!I love to travel,Im an itchy bacteria.Where should I go today?Itchy,
Es una situación de riesgo y atracción...

Necesita un poco más
Bacteria prima es todo lo que hay
Nada es ocasional
No lo vemos y nos hace mal
a bacteria
You repeat an increase
Like a bacteria
The spider which undermines me


Mischief of the venomous spider
Bacteria bacteria flowing through my veins
Bacteria never be the same
Bacteria i see those faces
And i cant face it
Salgo pa la lleca en modo sigilo
Con o sin pana siempre tranquilo
Pila de letra valen más que un kilo
Liquidando Bacteria ese mi estilo
Bajando su
Ancient beverage of life (Of life)
Alien ships delivered the original scoby 

Find the beverage
Find the meaning

The bacteria
Uma bactéria tentando atravessar o oceano 
É um processo longo, é um processo longo

Uma bactéria tentando atravessar o oceano 
É um processo longo,
a challenge
This time we're under attack
Bacteria like it's a plaque
Eat it up like it's a snack
Fackie and Karma are back
This time we're spitting the facts
italiano aí?
Ainda bem
Glauco baterista
Io parlo italiano
Baterista, regazza, regazza na bactéria, per favore
Peraí perái
Opa po po po
time it is
Delusional because of ya
Got you in my head now I'm
Sick in bed and I
Can't relieve the ache
I'm suffocating 

Breathing in bacteria
A goddamned bacteria trap
Microbes making love to amoebas
Spawning secondary human byproducts
Dead skin cells, ejaculate and flora
Disgusting cocktail for
Why inferiors is testing my craft
I'm superior point period I surpass
These rappers is bacteria and I come with Clorox
Respects to all Lyricists we
and sweet 

(Sick!) Bacteria in your brain 
Have you gone insane 
National tragedy 
National tragedy 
National tragedy 

Never really got over that shh
sa area" (what)
"Naa ko kanto Claveria" (D'Morvie)
Don't even wanna be near ya (I don't)
Daghan palang kag bacteria (Ew)
Grabe ka humot
Gucci iyang
Living through this like a bacteria strain
Driven to sustain this life with no game plan
Even if shit's lame gotta play the game
No pain means no

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