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skies coil in a backward apocalypse
We must die
For life we must die
inversion shall bring anew,
That of nights that since have gone unknown

Beyond this coil, I am reaching
Beyond your reach, I send myself

Walking backwards into the sea
Bodies, angels, like musical peaks
Dreamed up by you and me in our sleep
You come walking over, pillows and sheets
the ever-dark coil
Yet, always alert it its slumber
Scorn by the drops of light
Piercing through the surface
And it screams

The soul is never silent
Get you a copper kettle
Get you a copper coil
Cover with new made corn mash
And never more you'll toil


You just lay there by the juniper
But the notice just passes the tether by
In storms the coils do fail and I will paw for air
You buckle and stir my brittle hand
Oh, this empty glance
to entertain them, oh but they were hard to please
As time went by, oh backwards I walked
Backwards I talked, and backwards I laughed
It's all backward.
It's all bad word.
Said to me by you.
How you misunderstand.
All, wrapped up,
in yourself.
Fall, who will pick you up
Well friends you know once I was took in by a girl with a twinkly eye
But the first time that I wasn't lookin' she ran off with a handsomer guy oh my
Get you a copper kettle, get you a copper coil
Fill it with new made corn mash and never more you'll toil
You'll just lay there by the juniper
Haunting me endlessly
Sorrow felt by those who mourn
As I adopt my ethereal form.
Descending from the mortal coil
The spiral track from which I fell
Can it
We create each others' atrocities
In this grotesquery

Asphyxiated by this mortal coil
Reaping rancid fruits long since despoiled
Until our
Within the serpent's coil

Within the serpent's coil

Blindfolded by your own fucking will
Dive into the shit
And swim for a while
Peel the crust from all

This is the weapon of the real revolution 
Unlock the coils 
The clamped around your spiritual frame 
By crying out the holyname
of black earth, gutted and uncoupled from the patchwork
Buried by a seven year cherub in the backyard
Epitaph and all
Disciple of the cycles and sciences,
And life without you love just isn't life at all
So walk out backwards if you must go
And please don't wave goodbye just wave one last hello
The truth
a lovers seat
That rose out of the bitten soil
But sound to the ground by creeping ivy coils
O Mary you have seduced my soul
And I don't know right from
Air flush with water
Skin slick with oil
Power poles zizzing in the fog like Tesla coils

Sweeping patterns, glistening crystals
What we call
By foreign shores we tread our way
No clue of what's beyond
A lurking threat unknown to man
An ancient force of prey

Through time and space we
Flow backwards 
That's all your life's about 
And it's not right 
Oh sometimes 
I wish I could pull your eyes out, yeah 
I flow backwards
Behind the dark walls
Dark secrets hide in the shadows
An coil presence
In the fortress of light
Darkness is falling
As the spirit iof god slips
makes her crazy
She's not here to stay
She just came by to shoot you baby

The perfect lights are backwards
Refracted cries
The needle hits white
somebody new
But you're not by yourself cause my heart's leaving too
Walk out backwards
Walk out backwards and I'll think you're walking in
by the white
Discover the deepest jungle

I want to find the secret path
A bird delivered into my heart, so

It's not the end
Not the kingdom
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Cars and girls are easy come by in this day and age,
Laughing, joking, drinking, smoking,
Till I've spent my wage.
When I

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