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from home
I surely miss my family
But I don't feel alone

Li li la dee, li li la di di
Da dee, li da dee di dee, li da di di da dee
I'll be back where I belong
迷わず rollin'
Aim the bull don't miss a shot
The rest is up to you
La Li La Li La
Tickety tock tick tock
to make it a wish

Mmm, Yellow thunder bolt a' Shazzam

Isn't very likely to miss

Shutters on the winda? beatin? like wings

Smoke a? backin? up & up in
And live it like it's the first day
Of the rest of your li-ife

Just stopping by
To let you know what's up
Give you a call to see what you're doin'
Sheepshead Bay, move to strong LI
But my self inner-self breaks North
And like Moses I'm judged by the cloth
Of my heritage who will bring forth the people
John Henry was a li'l baby, uh-huh
Sittin' on his mama's knee, oh, yeah,
Said: "De Big Bend Tunnel on de C & O road
Gonna cause de death of me
Caught up in your love shock
Knocked out by your cold shot
I'm stuck in your head li-
Switch up
Can't get out won't quit
Makin' me feign, give it
everybody's watchin' us
I see the world clear just like I'm lookin' through binoculars
The L.A., C-A, the cities of metropolis
The L-I, K-S, ain't nobody
Boy, you couldn't miss
With a dozen roses, such will astound you

Her refinement was beautiful, I acknowledged her attraction
In passing, driven by
through the clinic, they said it was pneumonia
Caused by HIV breaking down the immune system. . .

CASUAL: (That was my motherphuckin man, damn I miss him)
I'm looking for miss ride or die
I'd have a baby and I'll never leave one by my side
Someone who's loving me for life
I need an attitude girl who can
give it back
Without you I can't take it No!

Every time we get together its so good
All day, all night
Spend it with you if I could
Miss the way you,
Murphy Lee before
(Big boy) 'cause she's just standing there as if I'm shooting free throws
(Big boy) I said excuse me miss I only wanna buy shoes
'cause she's just standing there as if I'm shooting free throws
(Big boy) I said excuse me miss I only want to buy shoes
(Big boy) she said I love you
miss I only wanna buy shoes
(Big boy) she said I love you Murph especially in the white in blue
(Big boy) I said the white in blue sound nice make it
to buy the store, make 'em restock it, ayy
Beam on everything I own, I will not miss
Grizzley by my side like a pilot ridin' cockpit

Yachty I might

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