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Rockin' a cain, back up bitch, you blockin' my lane
Tryna foul on a nigga 'cause you hot in the flame
Fuck you, and them ho ass nigga's you run wit'
I start up in the north
I grow from a special seed
I sprinkle it with sensibility
From French and Hungarian snow
I linger in the sprouting
Lace up your Timbs, Queens, fresh off the blacktop
All foreign recital ? fiends on the backlot
Back alley Bronson always cookin' up a mad plot
Everybody please rise 
Give me back my innocence 
Get me a brand new suit 
Give me back my innocence Oh Lord! 
Cut me down to size 
Well you can hide
a seat
So ah

Let's take you back to the concrete streets
Original beats with real live emcees
Playground tactics 
No rabbit in a hat tricks
(Back to the lab)

(Back to the lab, without a mic to grab)

Just step, the rhymes create energy
Charged up, by the cut, and it's sendin' me
the heat 
Recline and take a seat 
So ah

Let's take you back to the concrete streets 
Original beats with real live mc's 
Playground tactics 
I'm here to squash it all original will speak 
Scarface on your ass from the streets 
I left my cut, in fear of a prison term 
They want to put
This way was different shit, I ain't afraid to face that
This time, made up my mind, on my grind
On some James Brown, it's the Big Payback

Four by four,
a quarter 'til nine
So by 10:15 I got my dick on her spine
Relax, recline, roll somethin nigga
Hit this shit, blaze it up, now raise it up
The grip
A few short words, and whaddya know?
Oh, whaddya know? He comes

Aiyyo, I'm up against these walls, here's my back stiff straight up
Dazzle and razzlin'
your blix up
These Riddick Bowe cuts, is swoll like penile flicks, give 'em 20
The danger in his eyes'll let you know he's a brawler
Bring your tallest
Me think dip dy dip to the socialize 
Of americal not America mer 
Medler rich peddler "hold up? 
Which ways up whatever high 
Heather by bush push
always comin with the up-to-par 
You can call X-Ecutioners the best by far... 

Knowhatmsayin? Yeah.. 
Knowhatmsayin? Word up.. 

dreamed about
Me havin' him scooped up, he woke up with his dukes up
That caused me to cut the hands off the man with the chainsaw
Plus I got his brain
Comin' through with the hefty scratch
The cuts galore, boardin' back and forth all over the world
Tri-state, every five borough, yeah, word up man

and get bent
That cut from dirty cloth who cut from cement
Original Tazeen got the crazy glow
Them devils try to jump me, I'm crazy though
Absolut Vodka
back up
Polish your act up, nigga need a back up
Syrup in my cup, no cut, straight up
UG's in the court, never miss a lay up

When the emcees came
'Cause we move with ten ton thrusters
The cosmopolitan cosmonaut up in your knot again like aneurysms
Expand with wisdom
Musical mannerisms are parallel
crack, head crack" 
Verse Four: Redman 
SURPRISE NIGGAZ! The original P-Funk funks you up 
I take a hit from a spliff then I get biz with the NEW CUT
play, the cheque cash close (?)
You know you gotta make up that loss
So when the cut was butt (?) and the work was dirt
A whole baggage fucked up ?),
shorty what you drivin' stoned by your daddy
Oops, you almost had me, geesed up until I saw the truth
And one day I see you standin' at a token booth
with your click 
Or the Btich ass cops 
Xzibits' first LP 
It hit your black like crack rock 
I'm blowin' up your spot by remote 
Mr. Cut Throat
a vest? What if you get your throat cut
Sold your soul for a dollar, now you having bad luck
Used to keep a bad bitch in the crib bagging up
Player here,
gotta be a trick for the deaf dumb and blind 

Now would you set up home, and wait for a Mystery God 

to bring Food, Clothing, and Shelter?