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up if you wanna buy a half it's all there
28, 36, a 1000, all there
Selling dope by the pot, straight drop it's all there
An I just ran through
Gotta be careful what you say on the phone
I'm 36 O's away
From givin' the mic up and goin' back to the streets (naww)
What's the difference, I still
record like Bangkok Dangerous
36 Chamber Fists, trianglist
Watch me mangle this, star spangle this
Rock cowboy wrangle it, create mega hits
I'm from
license plate to see you when I'm backin back
T.I.P. be smokin' on that good shit imagine that
I'm blowin on a hoe that's strong enough to kill
you caught on tape
That's a way to get ya ass sent Upstate (dayyyum)
In '9-AY! I took them trips down to Lauderdale
Back and forth, like Aliyah
credit cards at Sears
Would've stepped to her but...

Mr. E beat you there
Detective Dick lonely. So I'm paging up Josie
36 see's, great knees, pussy
forget what goes up gotta come down

(DJ Paul)
But all that's go change 
1997 Prophet Posse
You know what I'm sayin
Loved by few,hated by many
We in
to me, packin' steel, fuck around
I got it growin' on trees, and it's this heat you will feel
I'm a banksta, half of you six, just take it back in