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the revolution
Time for retribution

If you think I'll back down or accept defeat
Brace for the aftershock
Take it to the limits, take it to the streets
I am the king of this goddamn town
I'm on my own
I'm on my way
Down Utopia Parkway

Gonna let my hair grow down my back
Gonna brace myself
you'll see

I'm taken on the world
I'm taken on the world

Strike me out
Take a breath full of doubt
Spit back at the wall
Brace yourself for the backlash
of putting things aside
As if we'll come back to them sometime
A brace of hope 
A pride of innocence
And you would say something has gone wrong

won't get, anywhere
If we don't get, up and get out of here

Oh coming on strong
Oh coming along

Brace for the fresh air, come back to life if you
wish them back
To brace the spring.
They've flown south before,
It's just the way they live.
For when I try to fly away
Can you forgive me ?
Don't ever look back


Brace yourself like a man
The coldest wind rushes through the broken window
Leaves they scatter in the breeze
Winter come so soon, time to gather for the freeze

I brace
the nightmare in my bed
Damn it, Lord don't you know?
I'm just sleepwalkin' again

Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up

And lay down
Oh, get back and lay
We are the voice of a generation
We stand together to smash this nation
Boots & braces, we're back on the streets
We're feeling strong when
Be afraid of what I can't see 

Lets get back 
Get back to your bedroom 
Now brace yourself for something else 
Lets stay back 
Stay back in
get in your mind and you'll find ill unwrap ya

Straight in your face I'm like mace 
When you cry,  you'll need a back brace
The day that they find
to make you cry
I don't have to do a thing to you
'Cause it's coming from the starry sky

All your darkness has come back to you in time
Brace yourself
Destroy the role that fits like a hand in glove
And make war not love

If i were a broken back and you were a brace
Would you let me lay down
innocence disappears
Eyes filling up with tears
That's how to kiss a boy
How to kiss a boy

Oh, lean your head back
Part your lips
Brace yourself
of putting things aside
As if we'll come back to them sometime
A brace of hope 
A pride of innocence
And you would say something has gone wrong

the game cool
Ran back and brace yourself nigga cause here it comes fool

"Here it comes fool"
"P.E.T.E.R.M.A.N. ain't' no hoe ass motherfuckers"

a history, shaped by disaster
Were coming back for you, you Better brace yourself
I'm telling you, were coming back
To collect that killer

[Chorus: x2]
to hurt some-thang
Cop a squat though, you might learn some-thang
We givin out back braces and arm slings
Reality rap, the only song I sing
too strong to quit on me
Now dry your eyes and brace your back
Prepare for warfare
Here comes the attack

You're nearly there so don't you stop
took it calmly
When they pulled the covers you were in jeopardy
With your back in a brace you arms in a sling
You doctor saying haven't you had your
the back seat balls on her braces
Photo grails full of money stacks
You a blocker and nigga I got a hundred sacks
Ya, this the luxury distribution
Up so
Because, I love the way your voice, it says it's gonna get back to me someday
As I brace my knees you hold me down with your eyes

And someday
All the girls I love loved the guys on the court
I feel like I been cheated of my youth 
'Cause back in the days braces weren't so cute

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