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So how'd you lose the light?
Was it blown by the wind,
In the still of the night?

We're up against the wall

Up against the wall
There's something
[?] junkies and whores

How much can we take
To labor and to break
Our backs against the system's walls
I say smash it fucking
And now it follows me every day
And now it follows me every day, every day, every day

Oh my back's up against the wall
I feel guilty, I feel guilty
There where we fall
Standing our backs against the wall
Top of our lungs hallelujah
Where pain and love bleed into one
Baby when all you see is
love forever if you could? 
Do you want a friend who's always standing by, 
When your back's against the wall, once and for all. 

We're a pair cut
the sky, and riverboats floatin' by,
On their way to New Orleans;
I've bowed with people standin' tall, with their backs pushed up
Against the wall,
When ask for ours, we get nothing
I look for work and get my feelings hurt
They got my back against the wall and my dick is in the dirt

my soul
You pushed my back against the wall
And I broke it down
I will not be broken
Though I am the one who bleeds

I will not be broken
I am
As I was watchin' her wax her skis 

On Saturday night she walked in with her date 
And backs him up against the wall 
I tumbled off the couch
the road of our dreams, with my back against the wall

All I can do, is look the other way, and pretend that your face held a
Not to see your sullen
on your fucking wall, necklace-wearing bitch
You don't want this money till it's rich
Buy my album, coded by Dirty, set you free
Go against the grain, I
Short were the days of the wise man, went up the hill and never came back.
A stubborn soul will fight anything, a restless soul won´t just settle
a little respect to me & it will be returned
Keep your head down, keep your nose clean
Go back against the wall
Girl there's no way out for you
You are
care how can you do what soul down a hole
Make you feel small take it back to the phase

To improve respect tenfold have to celebrate we go out
We occupy wall street 
Take back our soul 
Take back our country 
Take back control 
Take back our health care 
Take back our mind 
Take back
in the turmoil of those tumultuous intermediate times. By the end of the 14th Dynasty, Egypt's once considerable might as a nation had eroded due
shit, that ain't cool
I caught smaller cases tryin to get cap or two
Up against the wall, tryin to pass through
Ghost-like, hear the cries from
Di killers and di daemons of di empire, shall perish and dem (??) all fire 
him a go push against di wall all di (??) messias, sodoma and Gomorra fi
The winged horse lands by the one
It snorts and stamps, the escape has just begun
The chains are broken, silence fills the place
He backs the horse with his
The winged horse lands by the one
It snorts and stamps, the escape has just begun
The chains are broken, silence fills the place
He backs the horse with his
on back, ready for the long haul
Tossed by the winds and the seas
I'll drag 'em all down to hell and I'll stand 'em at the wall
I'll sell 'em to their
is the animosity money brings
Real niggas out of style we may be one in three
Back against the wall outnumbered by fuckboys
One bullet, one target, one
outta some of y'all
Today all fucked up ways must fall
Today is up against the wall
Misled in the head fucked by quiet storms and love songs
Oh, the years went by like the sun goin' down
slowly turn the page
And when Joe looked back at the sweat upon his tracks
He had nothing to show but
With backs against the wall
Think upon a Savior's blood
The cross and the shedding of His blood

There's a power in the blood of Jesus