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Caught in a world that's plagued by something they call love
A paradigm of illness is the beast I have become
The sights that I have seen could
and overloaded
These monuments built by thieves
Keep us contained
Polished they stand and guide us
I found a four leaf clover
Hidden within
Buried beneath my
the full moon light.
Euphonic epiphany like Keat's lyre trope,
I am it, iambic's rap's last hope.
My Grandma says I have rhyme talent, and I love her.
where nobody can see
Want to hold a light to paradigm and strip it to its feet
I want to feel the way my father felt, is it easier for me?
I want
close my eyes see my raps
My bio is feedback from what we need rap
On some Marshawn Lynch, let me run it back
And come with that new black spiritual
could change my mind, change the paradigm
Prepare myself for another life
Forgive myself for the many times
I was cruel to something helpless and weak
Justice delivery is blinding

My death is imminent
I'd rather die with You than utterly alone

Welcome back my innocence 
How I have so longed to see
wheel drive, four wheel ride
Side by side, four wheel drive

Why don't you try to slow down?
I'm standing at the back of the line
We made
have it which way you choose

Now I'm so flung out by your paradigm kisses
How I've acted eleven hemispherical gods now
Cracking my sweet love
wheel drive, four wheel ride
Side by side, four wheel drive

Why don't you try to slow down?
I'm standing at the back of the line
We made
to the paradigm (na na)
Occupied on that Marilyn (na na)
The prophecies of the wild nigga, no church
My uncles said stop bitching nigga, no skirts
It's kinda
a broken place

A love so deep, nothing else like it
Scars go deep, but they can't find it
Flame so bright make the daylight look dark
Cross my heart,
I think about you all the time
But even though I don't talk to you
That doesn't even mean that we are through
I, see you as paradigm
of a life
were blazing in my stone cold cellars

That traitor love
Once its spell ran headlong through my veins

Now I felt it roar again
Like an urge for
your life pass you by
Like an eagle through the sky
Take back your life through your minds eye
Can I get you high, can I get you high, can I get you high
me, Phat bring yo ass home
Not right now cause I'm gettin my thug on
Eyes low, Yeah I'm smokin off the pound
Hat back, seats low-me and my round
4-4 in
High lights
Tell my baby I'm back in town
High lights
Tell everybody I'm back in town
High lights
Tell my baby I'm back in town
High lights
on how I live my life, my life, my life

There's no escape from the fame
To somewhere they don't know my name
I love you I do feel your pain
the lightning on my own
But never demand to fill the soul, which brings me back to ??
Where the conscience set a stone, there's a life all alone

When it all
love, saved by love.
He's gone and turned my crazy world back around,
And I've been saved by love,
Saved by love, saved by love.
I know that I've been
of the Sunz of Mansion


[Verse 4]
Sink like the Titan', into the cold
Dark waters of the ocean, my thought modes
Different land and center motion
Yeah, 9:08 L.A. time
Back in the lab and shit

My wife said, I can't say no to nobody
And at this rate we gon' both die broke
Got friends that
news how we do

I'm a drop one rhyme
For every time, I cross the thin line
Between yours and mine, see, it's part of my design, shifting paradigm
I would swear I'd never plan again
But I can see the irony
I'm humbled by the passing of time
I am brought down onto my knees
An Arizona half
Lonely, in my darkened room
Sad and weary, persevering for love
Sad and weary, persevering
And I hope that she is thinkin' to come back to me