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(50 Cent)
Yo this is 50 cent, yaknawsayin?
I'm here with my man Whoo Kid, you know how I put it down nigga
It's not safe around here as soon
nigga (haha, haha)
You gotta love it, New York City (haha)

[ Chorus - 50 Cent singing ]
I been doin' my own thang
You can tell by the stones on my neck,
G-Unit nigga that's what's up (repeat 6x) 
That's what's up 

(50 Cent) 
Keep thinkin I'm candy 
ain't nuttin sweet about me 
Nigaas talkin in
but ain't worth half the cake
Have me runnin' from Jake, in a GS with bad brakes
They want to knock me take for Christ sakes

50 Cent, let's see if
featuring Beretta 9 

[RZA/Bobby Digital  (Beretta 9)] 

yo  what up  dunn  (yo  yo  yo) 

aiyyo  peace  yo  what up  dunn 

(word  just
Bay area
You are now rockin
With big von and 50 cent
Roll something smoke somethin nigga uh yea
I fall off
G G G, G G G-Unit
No peace talks, no white flags
No mercy, I'm getting yo ass

[50 Cent]
Niggas done heard about my click how we stay wit
Tru G's 

See me and P and see 

See expeditions with uzi's 

Choppin up two ki's 

Baby twenty-four oz's a piece 

Cause see if it ain't
Because everybody fifty cents
From a quarter
Where I come from
The streets ain't timid
But I feel at home in it
Gotta see a couple people
I ain't got
like that I'm thuggin
She loves G-unit (bis)

(50 cent)
Baby girl you can push me pull me 
Scrach me screw me 
Holla my name while we fuck
Get on top you
[50 Cent:]
I'm'a Soldier, I Done Told Ya, Don't Make Me Fuck You Up
Leave You Head Bust, I'm'a Head Busta, Man I Don't Give A Fuck
Where I come from
Making somethin' outta nothing
Because everybody
Fifty cents from a quarter
Where I come from
It's just a natural reaction
(Fifty-Cent piece drops on table)
[Coinciding With 50 Cent's Intro on 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin']

It's your worst day, run and tell somebody
It's your
I just wanna fuck

[talking in background of chorus]
50 Cent, Yayo, featuring Hope, uh huh
As we proceed, uh

You didn't like the way I wore my
could tell by his look
Cause he looked the way I look
When I look for a jooks

Teamwork, work hard nigga
50 cent
Rotten Apple
(featuring Tiffany Villareal)

[Chorus: Tiffany Villareal]
Some day, I know you'll be far away
I'll be right here to stay, give me one day
[Featuring Common] 


On the southside. Ha gon get down with that get down let me spit 


this is how that shit sounds check
like that I'm thuggin
She loves G-unit (bis)

(50 cent)
Baby girl you can push me pull me 
Scrach me screw me 
Holla my name while we fuck
Get on top you
the one)
Let me be the one who be right by your side
Let me be the one, let me be the one (baby, let me, ohh)

	[50 Cent]
Baby if ever you need someone
featuring 50 Grand  Keith Murray 

Yo DJ Honda  HAI 

Keith Murray  HAI 

L.O.D.  HAI 

50 Grand  HAI 

Redman  HAI 

Erick Sermon
pimp, now let me hear you say it. 

Latoya Edwards 

You's a pimp baby, you's a pimp baby 

Buddy Roe 

That's right 'cause I'm yo pimp
the dollars
Got more if ya xxx will swallow
She shaking it by the roba hoping it by the Bentley
She know that I'm high and tipsy now drop it n gimme 50
me sleeping for days
Now that's a million dollar fix to a fifty-cent haze

[Chorus: x2]
thing down, flip and reverse it")

[50 Cent]
Uh Yeah
Now Missy she too much for me
She took me to to the crib man, she told me
Now my baby mama I
featuring Ghostface, RZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard 
Yo Yo Yo doodododododo Yo pssh yo 
Yo park the jeep on the street of the Sunset Marquis