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As the world keeps burning
As my soul keeps learning
Tears fall from the castles around my heart

Paperboy, top noise
Now I'm in Chinatown, bok choy
wore prosthetic pants to the homecoming dance
And my homeboy leroy had legs made of bok choy
I ate him while we danced, loaned him my pants
Romance is
some style by taking glances
Red snapper, taken apart, put back together
Plated on some bok choy, fine fish platters forever (Yo!)
Same routine,
frustrate you
Complicate you
I'll hit and hurt you
It's Hang Seng, baby
'Cause one of these days when I make money
I'll blow away these Kowloon gardens
Just found joy
I'm as happy as a baby boy, baby boy
With another brand new choo-choo choy
When I met my sweet Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine.
babies go home

(Oh no) I caught him with a blow to the chest
(Oh no) My hollow put a hole in his vest
(Oh no) I'm 'bout to send two to his dome
I've just found joy
I'm as happy as a baby boy,
With another brand new choo-choo choy
When I'm with my sweet Lorraine,

A pair of eyes
That are
[Chorus: Baby + Jazze Pha]
I keep my rims, On the rocks
I keep my jims', On the rocks
I keep my drink, On the rocks
That's how I'm living, "My
how should I ride man

Captin stunter, I ride with a Mack 11
Cause I'm a Uptown hunter, a big dope fronter
And 10 a ki still a number
that's my life
Baby - Slim - Fresh - Juve - Weezy - Turk
That's my clique - disrespect 'em
A get 'cha call ta the morgue quik nigga
Why'kno about the Hot
I'll get mad and try ta flush your head down the toirlet
Baby gave me the game - when this niggaz that's bitch made
Gimme my props, call it Ace a Ace
'My life'
On the rocks

Nigga, I went from big Bok shoes in Rolls to 23 inches
This Cadillac so why'kno I'm pimpin'
Fo' insuran' I don't play that, I'm
funeral in two Hummers
That's me, Baby Gangsta, spark in the day
Come out the funeral home, you get hit at walkin' away
I'm in to grow, legend with rights,

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