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Christiane F./Baal/Rarities (David Bowie) · Hologram of Baal [Bonus CD] (The Church) · Hologram of Baal (The Church) · In Bertolt Brecht's Baal (David Bowie) · In Bertolt Brecht's Baal (David Bowie)

Whilst his mother's womb contained the growing Baal
Even then the sky was waiting quiet and pale
Naked, young, immensely marvellous
Like Baal loved
Whilst his mother's womb contained the growing Baal
Even then the sky was waiting quiet and pale
Naked, young, immensely marvellous
Like Baal loved
existence glowing

Blades for Baal
Demanding sharp and glistering slice
He can't fail
Join them is the one device

We spill and poison ground
your precious love for me?
Baal's back

I bet you thought that I was dead and gone
You wouldn't know that something's even on
People, when the sky
all your signs

War! Kill my enemies!
Make them drown their own blood!
Come through!

Baal romerac A'arab zaraq miliom Baal reginon
Abandonment of Lord
Performing spiritual adultery
Forsaking God their Deliverer
Prostituting themselves to Baal

Sent to end this apostasy

Kaffer for life

Idi and Ike
Michael and Mike
O.J. and X
Satan and Baal
Instead of a Hank
Frank E. and Ju

Uncle Ben
Uncle Tom
Lalbaophs creative sparks
Meaning of the letter Theth
Hide the force of Bathomet
Meaning of the letter Theth
The wound of Baal will be healed
When sign
Bring on the show down
How long will you waver between two opinions
If the Lord is God then follow Him
But if Baal is god then follow him
for Baal-Hammon
like Menthu like Baal in his Hour
Lo the mighty Sekhmet is with Me
I enter in among them even as a hawk striketh
I slay I hew to pieces and cast
I mBaile Lios Béal �inetha"
Rinne mé smaointiú i m'intinn
Is lean mé dó go cinnte
Go bpillfinn ar ais go hÃ?irinn
An áit a sínfí
For the birth shallow and inferior thoughts and actions descendants of 
Adam's curse destiny plays its hand sowing the seeds of baal incubus ever
Tiamat, Adramelch, Acheron, Baal
Burning up the city 'neath unholy citadel
Summoning Leviathan, ready to attack
Evil one awakens all the gods
could decipher their language
 They worshiped Baal, they worshiped the sun
 They worshiped the son of the evil one
 They were more than voracious, they
Hebrew boys wouldn't bow down to Baal, the king said they crossed the line

And they were thrown in the flame and then the fourth man came and God
hück dä Auftritt,
Ich woor nit besonders drop,
Wenn dat nit baal ze rääne ophührt, 
Woröm blend dä dann jetz op?
Hann ming Fingernäjel baal
Bess ahn
a mi heart mi mind mi body and soul 
Fire it burning out of control 
Some a dem a baal dem cry two fold 
I stand strong mi sey roots and cold 
dormant usurper
Grant me thy flaming land

I close my eyes, in the tower of baal
Knowing that I soon, shall leave you all

To rise again, as the long
loote chain mera
Kaala jaadu kare lambe baal tere
Aankhen jheel teri, dore laal tere
Kabhi mere saath koi raat guzaar
Tujhe subha tak main karoon
for the powers I have are just a curse
that nibble away at my soul
for merely greed have I opened the gate
for the three to enter foretold

ahm Horizont Sibbe, nä aach
Fescherbootlampe, su wie jede Naach
En, em Moskitonetz jefangene Fee
Ess schon he

Ne Hahn kräht heiser, baal ess et su
se stünd baal op der Plaat he bei dir he bei dir

Luhr uss der Finstern russ jetz kütt se jlich
Se hätt jesaat se freut sich och op dich
Jung jläuv
dä sich kleinmäht wie ne Zwerch,
Der mir vüürkütt, wie 'ne Ohß vüürm Berch

Hühr ens, Wellenreiter, t'ess nit alles Driss
T'süht zwar baal su uss
Serve other gods like Baal, you never bail,
That's illogical devotion, could it really be
You chose to die for the sinner when nothing was good in me.

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