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set out to discover
Isabelle already knew
There'll be horizons and skylines and other lovers
But I always remember you

If I could rearrange
"Through the door of endless time
We fall beyond the burning sky
Like clouds that ever sink behind
The crimson horizon's fading line."

To be
I only know what I can see
So I imagine what could be
Where the horizon cuts the air
Look for me out there
Someday I'll touch the blue, blue sky
Gonna be a lonely night

Saving it all for something wild and wonderful
Holding it down there's gotta be another horizon
Keep it inside 
Don't throw
others seem to be
The first horizon wakes with me underneath

I've seen all directions, it seems uncertain
Another world, in another world the past
your sky
I'll be the soft winds you feel passing by
So chin up my darlin'
I'll be there on that distant horizon
That hurts me so
But I must go
enchantment where hardship don't prevail
When my roundup days are over and I'll say my last goodbye
I'll be up in the blue horizon where the mountains meet
the horizon
To the love we're reaching for

This must be heaven
'Cause it shines so bright
'Cause we're livin' in the light
Livin' in the light
Abandon your safety belt 
Horizon could be possible just to emancipate yourself from the mess we're in 
I've locked the brakes for good 
wish that I was near?
Or would you wish that I was by your side?
When the stars have all come out
Will the horizon still be clear?
Or will you look
there be a brighter day ?
Will there be a new horizon ?
Will this be the price we pay ?

Chaos and damnation
For the victims of the well
Mortal life
There must be light at the end 
Sunsets on a warm horizon 
There must be someone out there for me 

I almost feel her hand on my face 
As I fall into
Some air is knitting a day for a woman
Who's eyes are upon the horizon

Be a man about this
Be the boredom or the bliss
Be a man about this
When the storm is most violent
And the horizon seems to be far away
You'll find strength to go on
And conquer the misery that wants to bring you down
run along
Cause I'm not second best
Horizon can't be long
And I just failed the test

Must be worn out, love
You're too tired. Rest.

That’s the way it’s got to be
With an empty blue horizon
For as far as I can see

God Almighty here I am
Am I where I ought to be
There's a brand new day on the horizon
Everything's gonna be just fine
There's a brand new day on the horizon
And the whole world's gonna be mine
your dream beneath the northern horizon
Be at peace, set your heart in flight again
For the light is truth
The light is you
there be a brighter day ?
Will there be a new horizon ?
Will this be the price we pay ?

Chaos and damnation
For the victims of the well
Mortal life
Of your horizons
I'll be ready to leave
Every moment
Wrapped around you

Crave me and let me crave you too
Touch me lay me down for good
Kiss me anywhere
a horizon
We're gonna be here to stay
If you cannot see our sign
You must be blind

Still we go
Still we go
Still we go
On the metal highway
Still we
Rainy clouds covered up the sunny sky 
Now I know I'll sleep alone tonight 
Tears and prayers will be taken by the rain 
Fear and loneliness in my
Just over the horizon
That's where I'll always think you'll be
It's always so surprising
To find you right there next to me

In this sprawling
see a new horizon
Soon he will be free

How could life be so unfair
He wonders how some get out there
Sitting in their rocking chair
While he's living
of the game
And nice guys get washed away like the snow and the rain
There's been a load of compromising on the road to his horizon
But he's gonna be where

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