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Of a Spaniard Rationally
Dellschau down in Northern Cal
Carbon based
Axiomatic aerospace
Broken like his Northern Lights out
Mouthful of his shattered words
their little games
It's seems honesty has a price to pay
Don't be fooled and look the other way

It seems honesty has a price to pay
Axiomatic responses
through pain I'm a true artist
Hear the bars through hardship
To the stars that's axiomatic I thought I lost it
But I actually have it holocaust cause we
Go up in flames

Give me back my liminal life this solid one's too much to bare
Axiomatic principles have begun to wear on me
I'll let you ruminate
my name and forgot my age
They're a waste of time and they don't define me
Such an axiomatic way to die
I never will
It's a little more than that dear
Madison Beer
Lost my head at the airport sipping on the beers
I wish everything was axiomatic, on the bittersweet
Too late for that while you move
earplugs in, as he lay beside her head to toe
He woke so many times, listening for her breath
Like a light switch, for him it had come as an axiomatic
the axiomatic advancement
Impoverish the dalit
Oppress the untouchables

Irreversible karmic cycle
The ruthless wheel of reincarnation
Inability to elevate life
I try to breathe
Knowing if someone finds me, they'll just see what's underneath
I'm a proponent for being loose
I'm axiomatic clues

The change in my
Axiomatic, ex romantic, until I vanish
Making rhymes flow easy like it's Spanish
I pointed out my vantage and managed to leave the planet
remember December of twenty fourteen
That's my mental state Neuro degenerate
But still I got to venerate rhyme science particulates
Axiomatic, ex
Yes, axiomatic subject matter, executed with absolute lucidity

We can't keep deferring action,
Only surviving by the skin of our teeth.
We can't
and die
My intentions are not to deceive
So dont think everything I say is lie
My feels for you is axiomatic
But it na change, to static
Now I see you in
Dramatic, dogmatic
My aim is systematic
Climatic, ecstatic
Power axiomatic

Do you trust me
Do you trust me
You trust me
You trust me
Trust me
Last of the faculty.
Having me passing the
Passion he's lacking see
Flashing the trash as he
Cashes on flattery.
Battery's axiomatic
and static

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