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Aurum Beats  


to see the grass grow
You ain't got the time fall in line don't die
Only got a few hours till they see seventy-nine ain't sublime
Aurum, aurum, yeah asking
Началась лихорадка  
На репите питон
Закрутило винтом
Маним золото в дом 

Ra leo Falco flores aurum Sol
Ra leo Falco flores aurum Sol (Золото в
perdidit spolia princeps infernorum.

Magi tres venerunt,
parvulum inquirunt, parvulum inquirunt, 
stellulam sequendo,
ipsum adorando,
aurum, thus, thus,
a aurum
Nikkas trapped like semen in a condom
From a young age I've always been a problem
Always felt the need to hold me quorum
Please watch your mouth
Eos, aurora
Wake up, it's dawn yeah
Fauna and flora
Glowing with aura
Quarter-past autumn
Sunrise is aurum
The view is awesome never no boredom
our mind
Silently making us blind

Silentium est aurum
Step back to where it once began
Silentium est aurum
The adornment in our requiem

So die in
a Herculean trial
Her hair is like Aurum in body and soul
A fancy word for something darker than gold
You feel so wise in this Neithian frame
And yet you don't
shooter, yeah shave and win
Aura on aurum and purple for the Laker Kin
81 Points make enough choice, take the win
Victory is sweet so sweet you can taste
Aurum, or um
Pyrite, I'm like
Proud of myself
I bow to myself
I shine
If I glitter than I'm gold
A bit of me is cold
But ice can reflect light so
the chief
Lead, water and simple trees
I treat it to aurum
I split the the leaves
Up, up at the pinnacle
Yup, yup when the finna go
He's gonna wither cold
Hear me Chaldean priests
Through an arch of barbs and thorns
A proclamation locked in amber, betula aurum adornare

Some call you Myrrh but I call
Quomodo obscuratum est aurum
mutatus et color optimus!
Dispersi sunt lapides sanctuarii
in capite omnium platearum!

Filii Sion inclyti
что есть вещи
Важнее чем aurum
Ты золотой парень?
Покажи злато
Ты золотая дама?
Давай станем сплавом
В планах
Подобный исход
Суки с углем
Тратят зря
Volkswagen echo sabre (echo sabre)
Мой меч – это Саурон, вся наша дурь как Aurum (Чистое золото)
Хочешь дурь, но вены исколоты
Мне похуй, я пизжу биты
Со мной
and rotten, alongside her bones
I take strands home with me
I floss my teeth with them
With her, my Aurum
Quomodo obscuratum est aurum, mutatus est color optimus,
dispersi sunt lapides sanctuarii in capite omnium platearum?

Filii sion
O dono do celeiro não aguenta comer a ração que da pro porco
Sempre foi pouco, o loco ó 
Não me adaptei to pronto pra mudar

Aurum que dropa na aurora
por, tirem de codi lliure com Ubuntu.
Si la festa és a Vallcarca, jo m'apunto.
Amb un durum i una Aurum hem vingut a fotre bulto
i Pum-pum-clap. Lírica

Reges de Saba Veniunt,
Aurum thus myrrham offerunt,

Intrantes domum invicem,
Novum salutant Principem,

De Matre
Вопрошаю ко вселенной дай нам
Мигов преисполненных саншайна
Пускай aurum так и будет тайной
Не расскажем никому о наших планах
В душах затянулись раны, да и
por chito
Recapacito oyendo a Goom
Mamando aurum y fumando skunk
Haciendo hardcore sobre drums
Los problemas? Llegan al tuntún
Yo estoy
follow my dreams
Aurum is 79, Thorium is 90
That's Science, 'coz we got good chemistry
Are you from Tennessee?
'Cause you're then TEN I SEE!
Wouldn't it be
Innanför ringmur i jadeit
Matas slantarna in i mammons geggveck
Ur dess dräktighet nya rentier sätts till världen
Don’t you lose this path
Where the fields are molten
And the seas are golden
Shining within the aurum scenery

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