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the atrocity. The only chance my kin survives
This is a war of attrition
Bring it on. Bring it on. Bring it on
This is a war of Attrition
No...We are the voice
One nation
One nation of gods
Divided by faith
Nation divided by faith
Witness deliberate war of attrition
Witness deliberate war of attrition
One nation
One nation of gods
Divided by faith
Nation divided by faith
Witness deliberate war of attrition
Witness deliberate war of attrition
Tonight your decadence demands a sacrifice but attrition never slowed you before.
Stepping on faces, tripping over limbs, fighting the machine gun's
You were surprised when panic struck

No ammunition, a war of nerves
I'll steal your thunder
War of attrition, watch you submerge
You're goin'
her away
Was it ambition? or war of attrition?
Honey, you could always take it out?
Now I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, its my fault.

Got me
a reverence in a something
And my heart beats on with indifference
To the lessons of attrition
I am a picture of all fools
I have a border of white clues
Make them blame themselves
Regret the deceased
Until the truth kills it's novelty
Attrition of their beliefs

As you lost your destination
And the rate of attrition for lovers like us
Is steadily on the rise
Nobody's in love this year
Not even you and I

Due to lack of commitment on both of our
Civilisations of the past'
Faced attrition now ripped apart,

Moving onwards to another war,
Into battle to die once more.
An endless spiral of depravity,
Come the war
Come the avarice
Come the war
Come hell

Come attrition
Come the reek of bones
Come attrition
Come hell

This is why
Why we
tattooed in reverse
Woah, in reverse

Your confession means nothing
So fuck your attrition
There ain't nothing in my hourglass
Just sands from the Dead
I know 
It's asking for your benediction 
I know 
I know 

[Chorus: x2]
I know I'm part of something greater than myself

We're all engaging in a game of attrition
Maybe God is just a chemical fiction

I'm a monkey
attrition, down the throat
Inside the sacred hall
Your strength is torn away
the warnings rampant negativity
Attrition of man explodes
hope of attrition
For what, was said 
The frivolous response 
Which is now clear
Dead words on deaf ears
turning (advance as one)
War's attrition has begun
Intense the battle harvest
Through the crimson mud
Now thoughts turn and decline
Unswerving loyalty
not a war of attrition
I never lose the games
Feel the grand invasion
Feasting in the veins
I was born to murder the world
Your strength devoured
I thought you were someone else

Scent of attrition
Lean in to listen
"Resurrect the dead on Jupiter." she said.
Times game is wasting
for being me, just for being me

Black numbing blanket smothers attrition
Once and for all
actions have only one word. 
Attrition's not enough; 
There's only one thing to do. 

I will plead for penitence to repent for my vice. 
(Music : Azagthoth/Lyrics : Vincent)
Weak aside - no place for those our struggle
Leaves behind
Our Lord won¹t tolerate those whom through
Now tell me
Who's the mathematician
Jah Jah on a mission
Trying to find a way in this world of attrition
Jah Jah on a mission

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