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You'd find me in the middle if I picked a different life
Before my name started tripling in size
But I'm still showing signs all attributed to mine
You'd find me in the middle if I picked a different life
Before my name started tripling in size
But I'm still showing signs all attributed to mine
table made out of driftwood
A bobblehead of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
A needlepoint of a fox
Some random quote from Lord of The Rings
Incorrectly attributed
that event may be attributed to the unlimited authority
of the majority, and oblige them to have recourse to
physical force. Anarchy will then be
I'ma chain smoker
No discrimination my nigga, if you broke
But they still ain't attributed to good smoke
B.Y.O.B, bring ya own bud
act or passion wrought
That shall not be attributed to Her names

To the name of Baphomet
Artemis, Bastet, Astarte

I yearn to thee who art
strong to be ever ropped in
Mentally detached, what your doing is dangerous
The thoughts in your head, attributed to your strangeness
Memories of your
Lately in my mind I been thinking too much
Tendencies to complicate is my talent enough
And i got here by the work not attributed to luck
You could
was the hidden seed to how rioting was conceived
A result that they attributed mostly to Rodney King
So when I came across your story it shook my entire
and your so behind
Have you ever felt the feeling of feeling alive
Bare witness I epitomise everything attributed to the glorified
I don't mind at times
attributed to patriotic sentiment
Anger mixed with fear had made us all ignore the evidence
Men and kids and women getting killed for shit they didn't do
None of this can be attributed to coincidence
There is sunshine in the sky, sometimes you just have to look for it
So pray, just pray
For everything you
She walked out on me 
Possibly attributed to 
My neglect of her feelings

I'm worsening 
The colder that my temp proceeds to get 
I freeze
Cannot be
values that drive your actions, drive your decision making process
Your level of success in life can be attributed directly to your core values
An example
and fear

Low and behold!
Low and behold stars above
Mysterious forces attributed to higher powers
Finite limits clouding man's thoughts for thousands
the day of the Lord is nigh,
the day of the most righteous King of Kings.

Words attributed to St. Columba (521597)
And bring you success on every date
Misfortune in love is attributed there
To having such coal black curly hair

But when I pass by the Rosebank
attributed sequencing is on
Levels reach their breaking point, breaking through the swarm
I plan to arm through travels in silence, dusk and dawn
at the time

You were mad at the editor
And to me you were like a predator
Asking if it could be true
That he attributed his words to you
Your anger made it
dipping in they pockets
Question the bosses mindset 
N' find yourself jobless 
All this attributed to selective hearing 
Several years of
Corporate culture
talking change
We talking what impact is attributed to our names
We talking what our spouses will say if we go away
What our grand-kids remember
It all
Where the halls of fame can't even refresh your sour breath
The black man is either regressive or not proactive
Could reproduction be attributed
with significance.  
Gazing at the details in the artwork of a 7, devouring every word in a zine, there was barely internet.
Meaning gets attributed

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