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Heights of great men reach and kept 
Were not attained by sudden flight 
Gee while their companions slept 
Very ackwardtile in through the night
And all I know, I'd give it away
Just to Know you Lord
Would fulfill my whole life
So I'm glad to say

I want to know your ways
So I can
ready to put a ring in your grasp)

(I can't promise perfection)
In my craft, goals attained or within our love life
(But I promise you'll never question)
will stay there at the deeppest of this endless room
You will stay there thinking about the moments that I gave you
In the end I tell you that I attained
of something

Oh, Having attained welth
Does it make you a sccess?
Oh, Having attained power
Does it make you a sccess?
You are wrong!
Oh, Having attained welth
I attained and obtained felt the bane and now I do Reign
I am dissolved in my tears
In the grip of my fears
I am all alone here
I am dissolved in my
of great men reached and kept
Never attained by sudden flight
Ghetto youths can do it
Full place we shock when we shot like a bullet
Working in silence
Never attained till
Coolie man, Chiney man, African
Try to come together inno one
Say Rastaman, right, inna go down wid

Say Coolie man,
the point I've attained
Clear focused and defined

Those who don't create dictate
The structure of our world and preach hate
Drifting out of languid
we attained
Did it for the love, not what we could gain
Every time we show up they screaming our names say Xplain now

Eh, eh and say Timi Kei
Flow now
Plead attained
Lit propane
Always the same
“You're out of your mind”, they say
No remains
Please explain
One of the mes go out of my ways again
You know the essence of devotion to Ram
In his service you will ever be
By devotion to you the Lord is attained
Freedom from lifetimes of suffering
on the stage and my level cannot be attained
No my level cannot be attained i am a god and a king
Come with that fire like kane nigga remain in your lane remain
We have so much to lose
And I have a lot to prove 

I Know, Nothing that's worth having is ever easily attained
So now I'll turn my back on every voice
samhaar sartuuk !

English :

Magical Battles Against En Yggdraan Abzaruh

The power you attained has corrupted you,
The forgotten wisdom of the past,

That's the name of the game

Now that you've attained a certain class

You gotta act the same


It's a brave new
That's the name of the game
Now that you attained a certain class
You gotta have the same

It's a brave new world out
forgiveness attained
Alive within this altar of flesh
Forever to be this restraint in promised pain
Veins are emptied and embalmed with the appetite
Everybody said it'd be impossible so don't try..
"Words cannot explain, it can never be attained, its unattainable"
but I could never believe there
Is death freedom from this world?
The one's who knew you will soon FORGET
That you have now attained WHAT YOU WANTED
So why should it be HAUNTING
Passions attained cause songs to become silent
And so, I am heir to bereavement, and threnody my mistress alas
It must be, yet the muse embraces me
you're whole

My eyes convinced, eclipsed with the younger moon attained with love
It changed as almost strained amidst clear manna from above
the younger moon attained with love.
It changed as almost strained amidst clear manna from above.
I crucified my hate and held the word within my hand.
But never attained
Now everywhere is war

And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes
That hold our brothers in Angola
In Mozambique

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