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Fighting to attain our rights 
Want no more shedding of blood 
For our nation to move forward 
(Mozambique) Africans with African pride 
Fighting to attain our rights 
Want no more shedding of blood 
For our nation to move forward 
(Mozambique) Africans with African pride 
and gold
Soon fade away
Empty and cold
Nothing remains of the things that we strive to attain
Only the love that is lasting will not be in vain
And you love me like you promised your wife
It's almost like you planned it in the daylight

(Ooh, I can attain it)
(Ooh, I can attain it)
(Ooh, I can
thoughts of lies
Attain your sword
Attain your shield
Defend the sense of life
Bemoan your hate
Repent your greed
Improve your rotten seed

Pray for
ever stand between
Heaven and your heart

Be willing to attain your freedom from
Hatred and bitterness then carry on
A masterpiece of promise is
black mantle
When I attain the evening of these days.
I shall sleep only beneath the blackvault
When I attain the evening of these days.

I shall sleep
to fall from grace
Or sing the hymns of my disgrace

We build cathredrals to our pain
Establish monuments to attain
Freedom from all of the scars
To elicit a response to determine every gain
And I'm wanting to attain something in this turnabout

when she speaks the flag unfurls
And the heavens
Items daily press views to suppress
Subject story on the front page suffering from suffrage
Title unsung heroine of Britain position to attain
cannot break, we will only hate
What we can't attain is an exercise in never ending pain
If we can hate, we must feel? Deathwork begins as we sow
to countdown is done
May god be with us - now splitting the sky
Launching our way into space

Many - failed to pass the test
Can't attain - illusive
He, over the stars doth reign that unto wisdom can attain
The soul of a man is nobler than the spheres
The hunger thou has awakened culminates in
Oh you rush to and fro to attain, though you dwell upon the shore of history.
The voice you should have heard in is the letter of the Word.
must be untrue

Lady of rain
Will we attain the divine
Lady of rain
Where is the sweet Summer wine
It falls from the vine

If you only knew what to do
sprawling around

I shall prevail
By any means necessary
I shall attain
By any means

Constriction of language in me
Dominance of whimper over bang
And their blood sacrificed
For the righteous determinant
Slaughtering to attain

Flawless steal cuts down our enemies
With ancestral precision
Attain the supreme divisions of faith.
Universal forms, your destiny is safe.
Control of your senses, from freedom to delusion.
A calling for the source of your love?
The source of your love

you are the giver, the flow
The ancient reflection of my soul
Reflection of my soul
What was once we can't attain
Alone we tried but all in vain
Came as low among us saying thigs we longed to hear
Whisper now those favored words
could hardly contain it
All my life I will wait to attain it
There, there, there

I know someday the smoke will all burn off
All these voices I'll
I've been denied I'm satisfied

For you're the place in the sun that I could not attain
The golden dream I've reached for in vain
They're mine cause
to this dream alluring to the skies
To live among them and to never die, never die, never die.
To be worth more, though we are made the same.
To attain love
my hopes be vain,
Create my heart entirely new,
Which hypocrites could ne'er attain,
Which false apostates never knew.

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