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at the sky 
Body politic atrophied 
Pins and needles
More dead than alive

Wake the fuck up
Rise the fuck up

You are a phony
And I am
Cauterized and atrophied
This is my unbecoming
Knives in the backs of martyrs
Lives in the burning fodder
Cauterized and atrophied
This is my unbecoming
some questions of my own

And I don't want to nitpick 
But it's not right that you 
Left me here plugged in
As my muscles atrophied
I'm stuck in
The will to live is far gone
Your brain has atrophied 

Make way for the violence
No more can it be silenced

Shed the skin of your desires
to go now
To tell them I made it

I've found that my wings have atrophied
With nothing but Earth beneath my feet

From hundreds of miles above I floated
mutations of species
New organisms proliferate
New lives and DNA are created
Mutated and atrophied

Sickness, diseases

UV rays fall on us
We are burning
gilded life
On your atrophied eisoptrophobic mind
On your hateful kids
With no fond adieu
Everyone will be so much better off
atrophied to apathy?
Is it too late?
Is our vision confined to these little screens?
Is it too late?
Have we traded in all of our love for lust?
Is it too
of the flesh, the atrophied frame of guilt dug in pain
The roots of solitude bound to expose the mourning of an antiquated servitude

Projected by the objective
the mercurial light
Your heart atrophied slightly
Can I find you there
As we moved past the fold
The ravens cry in my ears
I thought I left home
But we've been
all away. Your heart has atrophied.
(Someone falling down who looks like me)
Fingers sharp like knives,
knives that thrust to kill.
Put it all away.
Lead to perish (by) mortals imagined as gods
(An) epidemic of human life devours the host

Panes of glass carve the atrophied wastes
Withered roots
sets in, larvae feed off
This is the jungle rot
Trail of intestines from flesh to filth
Rotting into sludge the human fertilizer
An atrophied desiccant
Put it all away. Your heart has atrophied.
(Someone falling down who looks like me)
Fingers sharp like knives, knives that thrust to kill.
Put it all
Sorry it's a cramped space, but it's my place
I'm really inactive, I'm so inactive
I'm really inactive, highly inactive

My muscle's gone, I'm atrophied
Woke up on the wrong side
Atrophied throughout
Dreamt with open eyes
I was vacuuming about

In a straight line
A very straight line

Each new
With our pride atrophied
A virtue burns hot enough to cauterize
These boards will break
These were true days
I watched them fall away
I don't blame
Always lose my fight with gravity
I rest my bones, and just chillax
My nordictrack's collecting dust
And my stairmaster's a pile of rust
This is it,
The ants are in the sugar
The muscles atrophied
We're on the other side, the screen is us and we're t.v.
Spread me open,
Sticking to my pointy
a rise from an atrophied muscle, 
And the nerves in your thigh just quivers and fizzles 
So you know, that you're over the hill 
When your mind makes
Hail Satan

Your faith has atrophied
And rots in hell's asylum 
Despondence tears you down
A free-falling social strain
Escape atrocity
They say
you're insane, 
But then they'd pause for a moment and be like ""duh, he's 25"", 
But I spent all my twenties, atrophied, barely alive, 
Thought that might
My skin has atrophied.
It has been so long since the last touch.
The maggots play their dead instruments for me.
Devour in the key of E.
the bore

So I stop talking and fade to bleak
Feeling insignificant, atrophied and weak
Even though it's not who I know myself to be
The Queen,

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