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the air's atrophic
It’s getting harder and this world is getting dumber
I’ve been sleeping (Just to) try to escape from feeling numb and hopeless
Damn my
Darkness wrap my locus
Modifying my cells
Fast suicide
Haunts from the birth
Implant myself in death
Atrophic arts my feel
Psycho syndrome
life, the divine gift of decay

What a foul fucking place
What a wretched fucking world
This deformed cognition, diseased and rotten
moods to decrease
I don't think this weed's helping me
Multiple herbs cause brain volume losses like sclerosis 
The mind s atrophic in a state
My atrophic fit fell 
The moment it tried to exist

I am at flight from the things that I think of myself
The things that I do, As they are done
Wait, atrophic needs, they're bound to leave, but you're at peace
Sure, that you hate me, too drunk to need, some time at peace
Fell, so soft and sweet,
and constants shatter
Long held truths as my fate
Usurps the atrophic gaze
Of the anguished bard
Here comes remorse raining upon me
Yet it'll never
Wash this
karmic reasons I've forgotten
Put myself in webs like mother-motherfucken Bonnie Rotten
Wanna jot but I'm atrophic
What you need, I'm not free
Can't you
the insanity let's end humanity
Kill all earth's residents let's start with the presidents

This sick atrophic stolen land
Means nothing more than modern
a loser
I am Satan
I am Jesus Christ
I'm me.
[Repeat: 2X]
There are no winners in this fucked reality. 

Atrophic interludes weave through my life,
the insanity
Let's end humanity
Kill all earth's residents
Let's start with the presidents

This sick, atrophic, stolen land
Means nothing more than modern man's

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