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For real
For real

Got brothers questioning what blackness is
Checking atlases, who's rap this, the facts are in
Man you shoulda kept on
Cashless call
our outsize atlases, the universe is even bigger 
There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the world's beaches, 
more stars
to Boston. Forget about the turn. 
Atlases and gas station attendants are none of our concern. 
We'll forge a little life dear (oh dear) and double down our
of ample conks to my noggin
Oxygen was a hassle I locked my id in a castle
And walked right into an inhibitive timid wimp of an asshole
Saddled atlases
That travel through atlases
Back to our roots
Dreamt it I made it real
Tending bar late as hell
Tips I got paid me well
But I was saving still
the mortal men
I look at Atlases I'm going through the portal then
A new dimension go and open hope I board again
I fall asleep just like in history classes
V atlase díra
Zůstane na pořád
Skrytá je síla, zpívám
Brána je dokořán
Chci být svá a bez zábran, protože
Hvězda jediná teď ví
Jas paprsků
Phela lomntana uyaz fela
Bheka bheka bheka bheka
Ke nyaka thelete fela
Put the city on the atlase
I dont even need some backings
Im on the verse
foam mattresses
Every flight - I could cover four atlases
Chopped the hair off like Britney Spears
Shorty contagious - don't come near
Downtown dance
All the shit that you did, when we was the friends
That descend to the pit of despair
And go back to the madness of atlases spinning in blackness
Premonish traps and horrors
Through atlases on which they've spilled their stew
But closely if you listen
You will hear their pupils glisten
what you seeing's the second coming of Lazarus
Lyrics fit for museums, lines cover pages like atlases
These Mary Magdalen feet cleaned with no calluses
and stapled. 
His brain was buzzing, the way it always did after watching Jeopardy. 
He loaded up the micro bus with Atlases and Poseidon's and headed for Pope
different worlds
Hiding all the atlases you have
Will make him madder now

Don't it make you sadder now
It make you want her
Even badder now now
Don't it make
much more than what I'd always dreamt. Read the roadmaps thumb through atlases and charts try to lose yourself in powder, booze and bars. I'll return
I was concise 
But it turns out I guess it's one of those nights
Military tactics
Like we're from two different atlases
Inside the corners of your
guess it's one of those nights
Military tactics
Like we're from two different atlases
Inside the corners of your mind
You've got your stories and I've
mic, mic, mikrofón
Vidím mimo hoe, v Gucci flip-flopoch
Rúti sa k zemi, lebo z cukríkov bola vysoko (Psycho mooc)
A čiary jak v atlase, v hlave jej
in atlases
But I'm not sure if I lost game or my attractiveness
But it seems that my activities have dropped on sexual activeness
What, am I

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