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U.S.A. Lyrics
Its the return of the, of the motherfuckin brainiacs.
Capitol homes represent East Atlanta where you at YING YANG!!! 
We back
Ok yeah A-t-l-a-n-t-a Atlanta niggas 
Off the chain
Wuz up east side
Its going down baby (in the city in the city)x4 its
I missed you at your daddy's place
I missed you at your uncle's place
I went to your sister's and she said I missed you by a day
Out on the range
The quiet, endless still
Where the wild S.S.I
Whispers from these hills
It's a petrified forest
Trailer parks and fords
imagines women drinking from it
What it looked like, how it sounded
Trickling down their throats

Peanut has a brother, lost his father
Hardly sees his
I've seen God's children in trailer parks
Seen Caddies cruisin' for movie stars
A ruby saddle in a neon sky
And a southern town even time passed
took my trailer home 
She took my Sunday boots 
My nose is on her trail 
I'm going to catch her by surprise 
Then I'm going to have the pleasure
and a sigh

Now I got him pass that redhead in Atlanta
Lord, I walked all over that black eyed Cajun Queen
But outside Amarillo, he found his thrill I tell you
The girl who kissed the winner asked me if I would meet her 
Under the bandstand down by the finish line and then 
Later in her trailer I crossed that line
I lost my mind, my eyes were blinded by the sun
Don't forsake me Lord, I'm not the only one
I lost my mind, my eyes were blinded by the sun
Blinded by
paper read the horoscope and the comics
You're as well informed as anybody on the left or the right
You make it to your job and hear Atlanta lost
come get her on a ole pack mule

She runs back and forth from shed to shack
Checking on the moonshine brewing out back

If you don't get the picture by
I lie in a field  
In the trailer park of my dreams 
Saving up for someday  
But what does someday mean? 

And I'm young but I let it slip on by
So far away you know you're lost little girl
You're really not looking your best
Close your eyes, you're in your own little world
The semi trailers
Whatever happened to a feeling bad song?
Lost the best damn woman, that you ever had song
It's all four wheel drive, and jacked up tires,
This is a story that I've prayed to tell X2
About the day they drove him from this town
About the day I lost: Jack Candy

I was walkin' up to Jack
Full moon risin' over Atlanta
And I'm fourteen stories high
Lookin' down on a street full of people
Just like bees in a hive

Lord sometimes I
The promise land

There's plenty of land for you and I
By and by
Lost of food, to share for everyone
Cause that was civilization in the promise land
wanted was a showbiz child

The seventh of December, nineteen-forty-nine
They got what they'd been wishing for all of the time
He grew up in a trailer, by
your love go, my creator?

Oh, where's the love?

Where's the love that we all dream of?"

Young boy from a trailer park is lost and confused

and you owe like him
At the trailers, thought we began trust
You stand up my hand is on your damn butt you say I'm nuts!
The way I ham up, you said you
in a room down in Atlanta
I caught a bird, but the birds can't buy a camper
Just an example, by an ex-trapper
Dress the coupe in the shoes, now

Youth lost me running through the fields
She caught me off guard, baby, she caught me by the heels
A child of nature does
Bankhead, Simpson Road this Atlanta bitch
So fly, so gangsta, gutter, glamorous
We living out your fantasies, suckas can't handle this
They know we run
stuck a needle in his arm 
 Then he lost his band 
 He started liftin' shops 
 It didn't take long 
 To get cuffed by the cops 
 And right about now