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where you came from 
Guess I'll just stay in the same location
Til my day come
It's the same song
And I like variance
I like a change in my sonics 
I find
is variance in circumstance
Direction and occasion

But the truth is we're all travelers
Who have not reached our final destination

a bank run, I don't care cuz I'm done
I'm done, nuff' of this nonsense it's just a metric ton
Of irrelevance and variance I seen just way too much
Of these
say it is a colour
And should I say that is a vibe
Its a variance in pressure
Its feeling or a sound
Its subtraction from the normal
A disturbance all
at the center of a vast cavity,
the whole variance, I AM THE WHOLE VARIANCE
of ancestry
Slow to understand the variance - quick to judge on one aspect - rust
We call them fools today - they will call us fools in days to come -
fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance,
Emulations, wrath, strife,

Seditions, heresies, envyings, murders,
if you place or you show

All the young girls gonna shake their thigh
Well some time in the night
You cry for a sign
All because I was poor and of a low degree
But I'll do my endeavour to earn my love's favour
Although she is come of a rich family

My name is
to convince the meek to surrender to their rulers
Atmospheric variances melt the polar ice caps and drown the rats who walk on two legs
An incurable virus
as the man next to me 
Personality variance 
Y'all don't care though 
All you see is my skin
My hair 
My jewelry 
My tattoos 
If you don't want me around
blackjack my variance
Rappers want to be poets, poets would fucking bury em'
Drowning in gold chains, y'all fish up in my aquarium
He pushin' pressure off his
Beyond the being of your limited entity

Space, time, existence, experience
Swallowed by unknown fuzzy variance

No more time
No more mind
at variance with his father
A daughter before her mother
The foes will be of your own house hold
If you love father or mother more than him then that’s a woe
Oh you change so very often with the variance of the season
And how it's true for me too and without a rhyme or reason
And I know how it's strange
You don't always get to make your bed
But still gotta sleep in it at the very end
Chasing variance, can't stay in one place I guess
Always took my
ain't seen unless they got some notoriety
I get anxiety talking about the variance of lazy ass rich old men who ride in chariots
While peasants
Mr. Hopper
Go ahead and create another variance I'm a problem solver ya dig
Ya dig ya dig ya dig

Mal Mal
it's only cashmere thoughts you got to have of it
Fabric a classical cloth, cut at a variance
Imagining it's the Clarion you hit off Marion at
canyon side
A wet line of rust

Tally the variance
Once you're alone

Move with the brittle reins
Strapped to your neck

A shower of broken seeds
all I see's reflections of the moon
Of the moon
Eyes like windows but experiencing screens
Cut out some pinholes for a variance of beams
Tell me to shoulder the load when you are merely just a carry-on
Far too grown for the tune of a canary song
Same shit I see, the variance didn't
Wit Christ I’m on a chariot
Righteousness I married it
Sign I’m an Aquarius
Trials and the variance
Trapped in this hysteria
I just need to carry up
your own fabric of existence
There should be no doors to your mind
Locking out understanding of human experience
In all of its perplexing variance

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