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on, but take you out by the Spirit and the Word
One by one you'll drop  like flies under foot and in the ground
Because greater is He who is in me
of the lonely and lost in the blood 
Running down to the foot of the cross
I am the breaking of chains 
And the tolling of freedom's bell
I am the notes that
Numbers set by stock movers, buy my tip so I can touch
Not for no print size, plate saint, white wasted H20
Four coats'll make it glaze
ever whatever
Divide 18 by 6 you get the third letter
From the lowest earth orbit up to the heavens
I bomb y'all wit lyrics of flesh shredders
no sadness
There is no bliss
It is a forgotten memory
A memorable escape route that only is found by not looking
There, in the spine of the dictionary
A wooden cross
A plastic bottle of water
A mandala encased in glass
A spirit encased in flesh
Sound from shaped hollows
The thickest of mucus released