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or rises to the occasion

They ran off the great embankment
They flew through the air so far
They landed with a mighty crash
Then got crushed by the falling
Ashen the world creates itself 
Up the branches down the roots 
Pecked at by birds
By worms gnawed 
At the crossroads 
By the graves among
But of course then the moment it passes 

And I'm standing alone again 
At the crossroads of my melodrama 
With my heart in my hand, dumb
dollar bills and drug deals by the mayor
Controls the people livin' legal

Sit back and chill, until time will reveal
Two thousand and one holy men with
savages, you're soul golfed out
I know you're hurtin' everytime I see your soul from you
You at your crossroads, whatcho gonna do?
Where you going, boo?