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don't live your life 
I need the resistance 
Held by your astrological sign 
Now I'm caught in the middle 
You're next to me 
I swim with the fishes
the State of the Union
When right out in front of the Baptist church
Come a big ol' purple school bus
Had astrological signs upon it
And thirty-five hippies
Looking for signs that's astrological
And I don't dream big, my dreams are astronomical
So when critics write articles of my chronicles
I wonder if my
can't help but show it
She's got that glow
And you know it, and I know it, and they know it
She's the rarest flower
An astrological find
And when she
I'd like to take you on an astrological trip through the signs of the zodiac
This is the zodiac
This guy is a killer
Zodiac a symbol that
I kick logic, science, astrological when I be spitting you a verse
Feel like you probably fucking with me, you the first
But in a parallel universe,
to clutch mics
No positive upright, I'm the "I don't give a fuck" type
Expose the facts, you know the haps
We go to laugh astrological, like the signs in
was born in an astrological warp
When the moon refused to shine
On the cusp of nowhere and nevermore.
He's the man who got no sign.
Then he told
thought I'd put on some French cologne
And then I'd check out my astrological forecast
You know I'm a Pisces, we get kind o' sensitive at times
could scarcely believe all the pleasures inside 
But now I know how it feels to be old 
Out in the cold. 

Whoever believed in astrological signs
Good evening ladies and gentlemen
And welcome to P.J.'s Astrological Love Lounge
We are Lester Shy and the Shyphonics
My name is Lester Shy and these
Silver surfin', the universe is now its astrological 

As I proceed in my vehicle 

You can't stop it 

Fiber-optic, so you watch it 

Would you like to go with me?
Ooh, might never

Saturn shifting is an astrological episode 
that occurs when the planet Saturn 
the ways of old
Magik can save the soul
And set the spirit free.
It's not just fantasy.
1st verse
Heavenly bodies,
Astrological minds,
Seeking out the wisdom
Open your mind 
Sensational, metaphysical, insatiable, astronomical, 
Phenomenological, ontological, heterosexual, astrological, 
Everyday I add to the list of people
Who can kiss my ass
And imagine Mr. W
Sucking the fuck out of it.

What is your astrological sign?
Stop. Stop!
future is rising for the human race
The interplanetary dream unfolds before our eyes
An astrological step into tomorrow skies
So won't you set
Where will I go?
I don't think I know
Though everyone's set
Got it on deadlines
Like an astrological sign
Where will you go?
My friend
And I told you mine
So you told me your name and your number
And your astrological sign

I said it's really nice to meet ya
Come over here and sit
drink from the lava ablaze
Worthless are the flesh cages now withering one astrological unit away
Severed from the flesh, leaving all earthly behind
to clutch mics
No positive upright, I'm the "I don't give a fuck" type
Expose the facts, you know the haps
We go to laugh astrological, like the signs in

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