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the ShyLock
It's my life
And I'm proud to be
A little more than what anyone
Ever found in me
And now these sounds I'm making
So astoundingly
Is how I finally
leaving upon a stretcher G


I'm coming tighter, your rhymes are Oreida
Little reminiscent of the poetry I write
a-stoundingly, you're sounding
i shout, defining me
That’s why there’s ghosts and spirits that’s surrounding me
Astoundingly, you diagnose me, that shit’s profound to me
Like, i
She grew up in a house of despair
Accumulated pain until a mountain was there
Dark past cuz trust was astoundingly rare
Especially when her father
the tiniest cracks relax open now and then

Tomorrow I'm drifting southward slow
Like the days are adding up to one
I find it astoundingly simple
And we bout to be
An astoundingly powerful
Group of people
Who see the hope when it's evil
Controlling what's on the TV
Forming us into deviants
Shit Astoundingly deep
Now Reversin the plummet
That’s Surroundin a beast
Only bout whatever comin
From this energy released
On this dynamic
feelin' so high 'cause I'm loud but lean
Got a crowd that screams astoundingly
When it used to be outs where they counted me
But I'm bound to be
it float
Fog hog, Bigger boat
Dance hall so strong, Gotta keep a coat
Why work so hard? Let it go
Do not walk
Coast on a cloud
Astoundingly calm how I
clowning me
I know they shocked the way I beat the odds astoundingly
They tried to lock me in I broke the boundaries

I been tryna keep my head above water
astoundingly satisfying
Seeing eye to eye in a different form of communication

I was determined to capture each procession
Screw the cap 'n seal all of my new
maintained by race and drugs
Profits from your suffering
Grown to heights astoundingly

Pockets lined for rich white men
They do this shit again and again
Oh, that's undoubtedly
Camara lenta mama
You shakin' it so astoundingly
She say papi are you proud of me
I found you now you're mine to keep
Hago todo
face was kind of cute
And its views on global issues
Were astoundingly astute
So the TV crews descended
People came from miles around
the dead cannot be astoundingly alive
I am I am, I am I am a goddamn believer 

When my words head for the clouds
Will you have my back
We were good
And its views on global issues
Were astoundingly astute
So the TV crews descended
People came from miles around
And the pustulent protuberance
Soon became

Assuming a plaintive pose
For reasons that neither knows
But we're both convinced we'll make it out alright
Astoundingly still unclear
cannot discern... nor in truth do I
Wish to.

I have long felt the celebrated map of Admiral Piri Reis, which quite
Astoundingly depicts the continent

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