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Serenity in the image of the coffins

Shall life renew these bodies of a truth?
All death will he annul, all tears assuage?
Fill the void veins
(It is the) serenity in the image of coffins

Shall life renew these bodies of a truth?
All death will he annul, all tears assuage?
unable to assuage

All our best days are behind us
And the path's strewn with debris
That we'll sweep beneath the carpet
Where no one else will see
a promise carefully designed to placate and pacify, to assuage the fears that haunt our lives. But I refuse to let doctrine dictate morality as we bow
And what about the times you did your best
To assuage my troubled soul
What happened to me
What happened to you
What was it that you said would
all of your compassion
Your labors soothe the hurt but can't assuage temptation

Hey man of science with your perfect rules of measure
Can you
can he make friends
of the most bitter enemies
i'll believe it when i see it's what i say

can he assuage
our moral discontent
i'll believe it
to summon her if only to assuage this aching longing for...

You and me hand in hand
From the top of the Eiffel Tower
wander through this cherished path
In despair I am pitiful,
Haunted by a brooding doubt
Please assuage this agony
And wash away my misery,
Into great
the wheel
Such company can not assuage
The loneliness I feel

So many are resigned to be
Society's debris
But I will be remembered for
The life life
burial cage, in blood they assuage

Restless warriors upsurge, war drums pace their trudge
Wretched soil drinks the carnage

Resurrection tolls, god
they know of majesty
Of beauty held in dream-dead sleep
And scarlet seas that bleed the frozen shores?
Will their "god" of bridled love
Assuage our
Assuage our rule from planes above
Or shrink in fear from Chaos roused for war?


Wrest askew the nails
That have held you, lurking deep
The world now stands ancient, showing her age
Antique, senile, archaic
Peroration impending, not one to assuage
The human remnants of earth
Infiltrate and then assuage.
Only when we have this knowledge
Can we finalise our plans,
Greet them with a velvet glove-
Then crush them 'neath an iron
that you can't handle
I got the needs you can't assuage
I got demands you can't meet
'N stay on your feet
I want more than your living wage

Well I
reassure the South, 1808 is still the year
That was agreed upon
That buys us time and assuages fear
I'll tell the North that on January 1st
Of that year,

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