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fall around me
Fall around me

To me
It always is, always is assigned to me
Your love
Always is, always is assigned to me
Your love
Always is,
fall around me
Fall around me

To me
It always is, always is assigned to me
Your love
Always is, always is assigned to me
Your love
Always is,
These Hollow resolutions can only perpetuate your fatals situation 
Agonizing self-inflictions permeating throughout 
The guns are assigned, let
Speak your piece, speak your mind
Leave no points undefined
We may be undermined
Numbers assigned and then confined

They will try to realign
Bird species never seen or heard before
The first flute carved from the first fauna

Utopia (It's not)
Let's purify

You assigned me
to find, numbers assigned, a view misaligned, sold off
A fuse in the rain, a small piece attained, a lesson ingrained
He had only several hours left
For the quest he had been assigned
But angels like small children
Have trouble keeping track of time

But in
Acts 20:24 says, "But my life is worth nothing
Unless I use it for doing the work assigned me
By the Lord Jesus.

The work of telling others about
My life is nothing
Unless I use if for You
This task assigned to me
By Jesus

I am nothing without You

My life is nothing
Unless I live for You
at endless questions for a sense of hope

It's not so simple to sit and wait
We cannot embrace our roles blindly
They're assigned
They are assigned, based
My wet ear slides into your mouth
Fish me out
In the place to faith assigned
Where ask is have and seek is find
Where knock is open wide

She's assigned a witch to spell my heart 
And now I'm drawn to her 
And my feigning resistance is waning, 
Light as gossamer 
And I mind
In this
Digitally mapped
Virtual scan reveals
Art of war
Technology adapts
Location confirmed unconcealed 

Target code
Show me to my
Pre-assigned seat in this life
Help me find a way
To be content and invisible

Generic the norm shapeless the form
Where spoon feeding
Dahmer was assigned to
Clean up the prison
Working with two other guys
A team of killers,
One with a blunt object
Would soon end the other mens'
created by corruption the
Whisperes dispersing uncertainty a savage provoked by mankind the ultimate tool of
Conspiracy assigned by a mind deceit
I can't seem to find
The one the heavens assigned
To me!

Friendly star,
Where can you be hiding?
Smile for me from out of the lonely night.
make yourself sick
You can fight it but this feeling its starting to stick
Well it must be assigned
That my heart is my own design

Take me
delivered to home in person
Letters packages and paper
They may have some fun and arrive a little later
Trucks outdoor boxes and farms to assigned destination
arithmetic so well
Working overtime
Completed what was assigned
We had to multiply ourselves

A bouncing little baby
A shiny copper penny

And he spent
God Bless America, my home sweet home.

© Copyright 1938, 1939 by Irving Berlin
© Copyright Renewed 1965, 1966 by Irving Berlin
© Copyright assigned
the thought that I may not be
As great as those that came before

There's a man assigned to me
And he checks on my stability
We discuss you every week
to the floor I was assigned
I fumbled with the key the way I did that other time
Inside I thought of all the things that started in this room
But I'm alone
But I can't seem to find the one the heavens
Assigned to me...
Friendly star, where could you be hiding

Smile for me from out of the lonely

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