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Waiting by the window
Doesn't do me any favors (Any favors)
I'm too shocked to act my feelings out
Maybe later I'll have the energy to assess myself
out the question, we got ideals
I can't get away from how I feel
Escape was never an option but I got the wheel
Gimme some, Gimme some
Time to assess
it gives your speakers fits
We got them fine ass women with the big ole tits
Call me introspective
I assess my shit
Through introspection
Do we detect
I don't march in the streets, but I pump my fist, and then
Assess my opportunity to assist
'Cause where two or three are gathered, God is in
and crushing jaw of
Children that have never heard of
Something so legit absurd as
Sun devil raids mainframe mad greetz
I assess to the best
She come from Trinidad so winin' in her nature
Never can't I assess a reps until failure
Tell her if she stops she needs fe fly Air Jamaica
obtained, excuses are given.
Time to assess, now the nails have been driven'.

Time to assess, now the nails have been driven.
Time to assess, now
turned back and ran from the snow

When I need some balance
To assess the damage
Always, always
You've been here

Just when I
I needed you to be by my side
uneMal' ooh
Ndibenzel imess
They can assess
Ndibenzela fresh
Band' phandla ngeFlash
Bandthenga sex nooooh
Sundenzel istress

Bonke bacimba bangapha
me, still wondered who
Don’t show em what I’m going through
I can A S T H M A
Assess Situations to Help My Aim
Been in this ting for years
23 to be
Or twice
Or three fucking times
If I can't have you
No one can
If I can't have you
No one can
Let's take a moment to assess the situation at hand
We both
Spirit handle it
Look up to God, let him assess the damages

Broken veins and arteries, I had to throw my heart away
Replace it with the steel like
starts coming into my lane.
JUST COMING IN And if I didn't see him coming in..accident.
But because I saw him..ah I see HEYY Right i see.
I assess
to slack, attack, and tackle the trouble

Shake myself out of bed again
No time to stop and assess, can't let it grind to a halt
Can't stop and look
Start to give, re-assess the way we live 

We're not the first and won't be the last 
to spend too much time living in the past 
It seems we work all
When Emotions get the best of me
I Need to chill and assess the scene
I telling to let all that bullshit go
Before I loose all my control
And I assess the essence of the mess
The perfect hourglass of my loneliness, yes
And I don't care to count my chances
I just want the girl in the blue
to Mars to get my

Mind right
Assess my life figure out what I want then grind
I just need to get my mind right cause I know what its like having things go
really love when my thoughts I confess you
I just wanna caress you
Just wanna assess you
I-I-I-I-I'll kill your ex too
'Cuz no one ever plays you
I just
I crawled into an opening, a hollow empty space
There were spiders and a bunch of bats to decorate the place
And I took a look around me to assess
An end I'll never see
Feeling disassociated and I
Don't know if it's created in my
Mind, assess my entire life
And I...
(Ima get it, that's on everything I
am stressing on this lesson
Got no clue but I'm guessing
I'll assess every mess that I've made
Wish I could take it all away
Now I'm stuck here,
Girls can't wait to conduct your review 
Girls can't wait to mentor you 

But they like to assess what's in existence 
And don't mind being existential
Waiting by the window
Doesn’t do me any favors
I'm too shocked to act my feelings out
Maybe later I'll have the energy to assess myself
Today I put

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