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The things you desired
You couldn't get cause you need to get higher
You need to get higher
Me and my crew assembling
Look at your legs they trembling
Ah, ah
Assembling a riot
Chanting and circling the fires
Heard behavior, can't keep it quiet
Kinetic energy a thousand times higher

Holy shit
But if I come back empty-handed
Could mean I leave my head in my hand no
And think of me assembling
Don't let me come back ever again
It takes so little
waiting for 
someone to choose a good excuse 
but not anymore 

in the afternoon rain 
recycling strength and names 
the gulls are quiet today 
assembling a life from what's left on the streets, 
Hubcap coffee cups and broken love seats.

They took off on the road in fraudulent car, 
Held a cashier
seems to last, then grown up way appear
Assembling toys on Christmas Eve sometimes was really tough
But I love helping Santa Claus, I guess it's daddy's
the reservoir

Was it for profit or was it for gain
You gave it your all, you gave life a bad name

Sentries trembling voices assembling (voices assembling

To the vision I chose to create
Assembling and transmitting light through...

Daydream now while the other stars align
I spent years killing my
Assembling a bench press in my dad's garage
Brother, can you lend a hand?
Assembling a labyrinth in my dad's garage
Saw them gathering sticks from the ground
By the thicket while assembling a nest

On alert for any lingering threat
Building frantically without rest
The shine of distant stars assembling again
The voice is calling me to join the ride
Ages ago we rode on a storm across the universe
Now it
And the Holy King of Israel loves me here in America 

And if I were a painter I do not know which I'd paint 
The calling of the ancient stars or assembling
The Vice President, Secretary of State,
And principals of the military are assembling
Our nation stands at Defcon 3
The greatest crisis, will someone come
Isn't it peculiar?
These statistics of my mind
Shuffling your features
Assembling a man
Googling love
Warming my heart on this log-fire of love
This is gospel for the fallen ones
Locked away in permanent slumber
Assembling their philosophies
From pieces of broken memories

Oh, this is
Assembling his flock
Pale horse rider
Searching the earth

Whispered conjuration
A belief takes form
Choking hand tapping
The veins in your throat
assembling grand rhyme
Can't find, I'm overwhelming to mankind
Why discrepancies erupt to
and play with intelligence you cannot measure up to
Candidate, who
It says the President's assembling a cabinet
And that I am to be the Secretary of State, great
And that I'm already Senate-approved
I just got
This is not a protoplanet
Scratch this protoplans
Assembling lines turn out cookie cutter
There's always been something better
There's always
threat to peace.The dictator who is assembling the world's most dangerous weapons, is here in our own country.He is a homicidal dictator, who is addict
your soul

Just like a shepherd assembling his flock
This one rules hell's domain
Satanic force, Lucifer's power
Attack, and he will reign
And assembling for whatever reason, we built our own meaning
In an age, where distance did contain

I'm feeling lifted by the sound of a phone, come on
can't get from outta this place
I can't
I can't
I try
I try
Don't normally struggle
Assembling words outtta
Moments in time
But this one is
Assembling all the shit
That you said to me
Every time this happens
I remember how
you can't handle things
When you act

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