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because they lack sense

Plague of the Earth, a propaganda fantasy
That never gels in the test of reality

Infiltrated every aspect
Infiltrated every
Aspects of daily life
Begin to freak me out
I have just begun
Regretting choices
I have made

Cold Dark Matter
Cold Dark Matter

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes

and its going to be around to mean something to a different aspect of your life. and its not something that people get into with the idea that ... become
I loaded the variables like masterpieces
From under the germ-led advance.
I saw your compass on a sea of frayed cable
And aspects of vision afloat
there is something in the way you laugh
That makes me feel like a child
Aspects of life they confuse me
You and your thesis amuse me.

Kick back and watch your tv
Cause I am an american man
Livin' life how it ought to be
And I ain't got time for political aspects
Shut up I was
chosen aspects from
hereditary range.
[Repeat twice]
Perspectives of truth,
Artificial selection,
Rather than supernatural intervention
Could life
All the aspects of humanity that I despise

I am the voyager
I have tasted pleasures of the flesh
And drunk the pleasures of the mind
To reach
It rips your life your only strife
To prove the reverse is your curse
Looking for strength and respect
You're lost in every aspect
Try to reach
Anxiety provides the aspect of days
Dislodge and make them disappear
Domination in sadistic ways
All you hear and see is fear

Saloman hung down her head
Laid bare her heart for the world to see.
She craved for intimacy.
Through darkened doors her aspect veiled with
are set aflame
As mountains rise in front me
No mercy and no one to blame
For the darkness I will to see

With every aspect of my soul
I am
to understand
Every aspect of life
And every aspect of you

And maybe I'll get fooled
By the beauty
Of you

Time is a tunnel we're going through
of the everlost
This is the curse of ...

All is dark
All but one aspect of life
To be shackled
In a shell, so misleading

"These are the shells bestowed
to question aspects a cardinal sin 
Should self expression mean social loss of face 
Labelled unaware because you beg to differ 
Hiding behind a shroud
The random aspects of our lives
Come together once in a while
So blinding and decidedly
Naivete falls from our eyes
And we'll not regain
As we
The interstate of evil wicked thought
The aspects of the force below,
Will free your mind-they told you so
But Satan comes in many guises
there poison
The violent aspects of a tattered man
Let me respond to that if I can
Illuminated manuscripts written by hand 
Accusations have been made
Chastised and abraded
So windswept and faded
She wore the aspect of an old maid

Well you're still taking lovers
You take some further than
Though obviously not enchanted
By the people themselves
I so enjoy painting
They are of course outrageously cartoonish
In all aspects because
I was dreaming in my dreaming 
Of an aspect bright and fair 
And my sleeping it was broken 
But my dream it lingered near 
In the form of shining
and chaos of fate and destiny. Stand in the balance
of forest equilibrium. Absorb every aspect of forest equilibrium. The fatality of optimism shall we not
Cool to the touch
Drink from my warm cup
Life is the blood, yeah

Now I'm alive, yeah
All things I am
In blood I have tasted
All that I am

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