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rituals and secrets
remain a mystery

Beneath an ever watchful eye
The angels of the temple fly

Turn the key, walk through the gate
The great ascent
and choked by thirst 
We are called to fire within ourselves 

Take me alive I confess every fault of my heart 
I am the ascent and the fall 
Take me
Infinity stretches unlimitlessly
Countless days pass by immeasurably
Anniversaries gutter in the maelstrom
Whirling a snowstorm of lustrous
The Rats were caught in their own trap
Steve Strange began to change

Ultravox had a system
Kraftwerk nearly beat them
And the Yellow Magic
from books we've read
With atmospheres of days gone by
With paper smiles
The screenplay calls a message for the nation


And those who
them perfect looks
And you searched for answers in all your books
And finally by diabolic ascent here I am

Said it's just a diabolic
A diabolic
ever, could ever believe

We will not, falter by design.
Pushing forward in our ascent. 
As we prosper together, you?ll see.
?Undaunted forever we?ll be.?
rule by ladders hazardous ascent
Your path is strewn with others who have bent
Ambition hides from view those who are falling
Convince yourself you'll
fingers curled around blades of autumn grass.

I heard your feet crack earth and branch, but you were covered by the rain.
I shouted out and called your
fingers curled around blades of autumn grass.

I heard your feet crack earth and branch, but you were covered by the rain.
I shouted out
There comes a moment in time
Before ascent or decline
You'll face your darkest hours
When other see in your face
The test of wills you've embraced
I began my ascent at minue zero
You made so sure of that
You tried to keep me down here
Your complacency has been your downfall
Nobody made you
will rise to win it
Never fly through a cloud
If there's a mountain in it

My route is by the steep ascent
Do battle with the elements
???? ?????
let down your guard

Look in the mirror
What do you see?
The shattered fortress
That once bound me

Faithful ascent, through darkest fires
your ascent it falls so slow
Your body and love impaled on the spikes you left below

Grief turned to currency just like midas touched it black
Like rage
Free citizens of Planet Earth
The leptons in some base equation.
Bound by swaddling-chains from birth,
Unto travail and assentation.
Given what
Bed scenes!
Bed scenes!

I feel stirred on this ascent
To little death by your fingers
I am a littled licked, but I'll recover
Like the switchback -
of her womb
The poignant spring from which all life doth bloom
Now matched alone by the myriad of bones
Broken seeping life, within the ravaged battled
the head, the police found him dead by the walk-in. 

And he loved God so much, as he lay inside his bed he could feel her sweep over his skin, feel her

Look around the other side
And you will reach a distant land
Who would have thought that you would find
A gradual ascent

Cliffs and echoing
Join us, in this quest to satisfy 
Join us, and none shall mortify 
I've seen the light unfurled by dawn 
I've seen the blackest ways we scorn 
A scene of time flashes across the mind of the ancient one, 
Defender and chosen soul above all by SHE. 
One of the isochronal encounters
the sixty-nine
And so I climb, up through, to the, top of the pile
But see I'm not standing on Gomer
I hit a homer, and I got jumped by The Simpsons
threshold, my ascent has been fraught with terror,
deathsteeped, storm-hammered. (These grim mountains are strewn with the bones
of the ill-fortuned dead.)

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