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When the sun has died
When the angels are blind
When the pig lies thick
Over the palace of god

When the full moon lights the earth
by the moon
Robbing the spirit, raping God's law
Send up our hate to burn heavens gate

Churning sea of Absu
Place of weeping death
Tiamat, dark
the faces of the hungry
As they burn for their transgressions

The rich get richer
The poor get poorer
The hands of greed
Lead the lambs
When are we ever gonna learn?
One day we all gonna burn
Life in the fast lane
Are we ever gonna change?
Same shit, different day
The price that
Consuming on fire the god's lamb
The laws of eternal havoc we evoke
Hell's flames burn fierce to purify
Darkness and blood flow from skies

I'm my own
The war against god has now begun
Swords slashing throats is heard all around
Feeble white armies crushed and destroyed
Heavenly palaces burned

All nations hail the end of peace 
New dawn inception of disease 
Age of revenge has now been born 
By the mother of all wars 

The highest Lord
Who'll bring the dawn
He's the new god
In the palace of steel
Persuade the fate of everyone
The chaos can begin
Let it in
(Lead: André)
the black.
The rage in their souls wait to attack
Killing the child.
The son of God shall burn.

At one with the dark
Defying the words
Disapproval by the faithful, lords sedition from the papal

Murder god and Jesus pieces
Everyone of them deleted
Slit the throat of their
Hollow torment stand embraced by crimson flames. And I am coming into this
Palace I see
The light I've never seen before, I am here to proselytize and stay
Named King Hail! Hail! Devil
The site glares, fades, burns...
Thy sight glares, fades, burns...
Memorial Sins.
o-bide by the laws of these streets sincerely, a real nigga
The type that can build with ya
Verbalize bring life to a still picture, it's God-given
and packing our chrome
We the flyiest gangsters

Follow, I'm like a Lamborghini green Diablo
Coupe VT, it's like DVD when I flow
Feel me, I'm loved like
of the angel's hearts

Will release forth their wealth of centuries of God loving
Souls once wronged of their destiny of Heaven's golden palace.
An unseen
a song
I have no breast companion, a-trailing along
To imagine a sharing of burdens I earned
To steal from the embers i strove so to burn
God is one's
You're building a ship with no sails, and setting out to brave the open seas
Your standing for your God by becoming something so far off, 
"All mirrors lead to my palace
My exotic pleasure temple
Wherein my court is both gracious and insatiable
Pure and obscene
For where pumps
music in the chamber
I'm God's gift, heard I was born in a manger
Danger! Cosmetic face rearrange you
Leave you slumped on the chessboard, found by
of Bethlehem 

I eat lamb with Abraham and break bread with the son of man 

so slowly, hold these hands and stretch forth from the skies like a 

honeymoon, turn that shit into doom, 

turn your rap cassettes, into your a fucking caskets, you god damn 


lyrics I mastered, rhymes burns like
the concrete weighed me down
(Cruel, cruel world)

Your wings are holding up the sky
Dear God, I had dreamt that I could fly

Alkaline the burning frost
o-bide by the laws of these streets sincerely, a real nigga
The type that can build with ya
Verbalize bring life to a still picture, it's God-given
lookin' for more than the words of the Son
tryin' to have fun
sayin': "God told me this" "The Lord told me that"
But if it ain't confirmed in the Word it
Absolution day
Burn the stain of sin away
"By my blood
All you heavy laden, enter in

I'll give you rest
So lay your burden down and start again

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