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[Alicia Keys]
I just wanna rock you all night long (all night long ohhh I wanna rock ya)
I just wanna rock you all night long (ooooooooooo)
Love it or leave it alone
Alicia keys ft common, mos def and Damian Marley
Love it or leave it alone¦ welcome to jamrock
Come on! ohoh ohoh ohoh
and blow
Well, there's hot stuff here and it's everywhere I go

I was thinkin' 'bout Alicia Keys, couldn't keep from crying
When she was born in Hell's
I like bitches
Them half-and-half Alicia Keys dyke bitches
If the head right I might Air Nike bitches
Or put 'em on the track like Just Blaze
I look
And composing

By pressing down a special key
It plays a little melody
By pressing down a special key
It plays a little melody

I'm the operator
With my
I'm going on tour, and I'm gonna show anybody
Out there that thinks for one second that maybe
I'm second guessing myself
That I am the greatest
[Intro: K.Roosevelt]
Ohhh I can only try so hard girl
Remember 9-5 like our love felt right girl
Maybe it just wasn't the right time
Maybe in
It sometimes [G]feels so [Am]near
And then I [D]reach out and it just [F]disappears
Intro: Am G F (2x)
[Am]Was it some[G]thing that I [F]said
sweaters in cold weather
Nobody can do it better baby down for whatever
She gangsta like lil' Kim sexy like Alicia Keys
Funny like smoore baby cooler than
so clean
With all these throwbacks, you think I got a time machine
Kodak moment, everytime I hit scenes
'cause I'm a young (???), I flip keys
I am becalmed, lost to nothing
Warm weather and a holocaust

Left to die by two good friends
Abandoned me and put to sleep
Left to die by two
you say Cris gotta thing for the fast toys
I ain't lyin or flyin with ease
G-4 knockin Alicia Keys
we both, mami this is cheese

[Chorus until end]
national anthem

Verse Three: Sir Mix-a-Lot

Am I a communist? No. But my brain ain't slow
Not long ago, Mix-a-Lot was po'
Never helped out by the ones
magical ring, it holds the key to everything 
Our faerie land, the forests and mountains you see 
Created by magic, cast from the Gods and the Sidhe 

[Text by Hate Rodvitnesson]
[Music by Mactatus]

I am the master of your dreams
I am your worst nightmare
I am the core of hell
Come to me
, two and three
Bad little mama, she built like Alicia Keys
No facade, her strut is hard, based on books by
Intelligent jail crooks, writing to let
versions may include an intro:
Spending these lonesome evenings with nothing to do
But to live in dreams that I make up all by myself
Dreaming that you're
to everything you've ever said
Em am em
There always seems to be a lock a belt or a buckle or a key
Em see am d
The world is filling up with stuff I can't even
of you
 Holds the key to the answers to the questions
 And so my story continues, but this time I am guided by the voice
 Of love, every step that I
songs that ever been never spin
In heavy rotation ever again
If I don't do a song to insight millions
Or get a video done by Hype Williams
If there's
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[Intro: Bizzy]
Yeah, one love, one love
Playalitical, is in the mother-kirrt house house house house
Bizzy Kid the Midwest Cowboy, is in
Don't you know I need you so
But I guess you need to know

I'm just a man, that's all I am
I'm just a man, that's yours
I'm yours you know I
What kind of paradise am I looking for?
I've got everything I want
And still I want more
Maybe some tiny shiny key
Will wash up on the shore
Breath heavy got that haze in my lungs,
I ain't nothin but a raisen in the sun, 
Ma fuckers don't be playin whare I'm from,
Think its a game

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