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The Best of Marsha Raven: Catch Me (I'm Falling in Love) (Marsha Raven) · Marsha Thornton (Marsha Thornton) · Marsha Raven Is Dr. DJ (Marsha Raven)

(feat. Marsha Ambrosius)

I've got some things to say, Oh 
Please don't go 
So don't you turn away, Oh 
Please don't go 
I need you
tossing and turning
underneath his pleated quilt protector, tears welling in his eyes as he
pictured Marsha, her sworn vows overcome by liquor
at night, tossing and turning
Underneath his pleated quilt protector, tears welling in his eyes as he
Pictured Marsha, her sworn vows overcome by liquor
[Marsha Ambrosia]
To everybody who knows my story
To all of those who came before me
My time is now I'm goin' do it all over again
Ain't nothin'
and drugs, my anthology on perfection,
Dress superb, admired by conspirers,
Who wanna try me, but ain't high enough to four-five me up,
(marie wilson, marsha malamet, liz vidal)

This ain't no warning
This ain't no countdown
This is the real thing
This is the right now
It's thought
Darden, fuck Marsha Clark.
Taking us, when we're in the spotlight, for a joke.
Changing by the day, I see it's getting bigga in my square.
But, only to make matters worse
Plus I'm getting pimped by this temp lady Jackie
From Optima staffing figure laughing
Shut up clown don't talk
Water, what's wrong with the game?

[Verse 4: E-40]
I'm ten years hung in this shit, if I was up to heart
My nigga got dick, her is his, by selling
And things could get more ugly than Coolio when his hair frizzin
My mind's a Warfield like Marsha or Justin
Psychosis be exploding by spontaneous