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like keeping my back up against the wall
Wages of sin, you keep me paying
Wages of sin for wrongs that I've done
Wages of sin, you keep me paying
Ladies and gentlemen
This an ode to the B-boys, B-girls
The people out there who do it for the love
And believe me I'm not dissin' anybody out
Serve it while it's hot out the pot to your mama
And Slim tell me ain't nobody hotter
But get your boys some different sauce, I want the whole enchilada
Serve it while it's hot out the pot to your mama
And Slim tell me ain't nobody hotter
But get your boys some different sauce, I want the whole enchilada
I don't know what you be saying girl
When you be tryna talk to me
I filter out the negative, that's my new philosophy
We got us, we got art
I got
letters out of record
It's Meth, you heard it through the wire I could be more
Or washed up like Sonny Black's body on the seashore
That's a problem, I
Dropping opportunities I'm picking up a different call
Holding out for bigger checks to lift us all
Never kept a safety net to catch us even if I fall
Walking up the stairs takes me back to where we used to be
I see you everywhere, feel you in the air haunting me
All because of you, all I seem
on time, met the women that was meant for me
You know the feeling of keeping your phone face up
No interference so nothing causing a break up
Drama free
after puddle..." 

i wonder what my mother looked like pregnant, 
i've classified water damage as art. 
ruining things, trilobite out on the town
of the original
Orphaned trio, abandoned by lyrical
Through us, the echelon exposed with the roll with no soul
Counterfeit style, born sworn and sold
Out with
yourself out
Do yourself in
Don't try to mend
All gods fall in the end
Hail Hail the Idol
Hail Hail the Idol
We loved you in black
We adored you in pink
to tell
You dropped me off by the dungeon
Never came in, but I knew that you were wondering
Now are these niggas in this house up to something
love story?
It said
Boy meets girl and falls in a never ending kind of love.
And it seemed like they couldn't be around each other enough.

But then
continued to live out my part
As art imitates life and life imitates art
Don't respect the streets and they tear your ass apart
It's important that my
And we gonna have to crack a shell just to prove to you, you ain't hard boiled
Last night I tried some raw oysters
Man that boy growin' up quick, that boy
Screamin' out I ain't gon' never die

Mob niggas, cause drama, till it's hot, get shot, see the dot
Same day back on the block, set up shop
out his pa chest
And a tongue out his ma mouth

A ki stashed up
And I'm gettin' 'em all
I got a stash put up 
For the drought in the fall
manipulate the art and create
See, when I first started my heart was in the right place
Then they changed the game and I still kept pace
So now I'm in
somewhere out keeping it cool
(And get told) Almost anything instead of the truth
Y'all know more than I do, it's breaking news to me too
Easy killer y'all
dog would not fall, I am not y'all
Couple pages out the calendar and I'm out y'all
Kid listen, pay attention, you don't wanna be me
It's safer
Tom Thumb jumped up and said "I got one,
David Duke and Farrakhan riding side-by-side on the top gun"

Hickory Dickory Dock, each day I hear
she might end up in macauly's claws
Coming out the closet over goblets down at madri gras
The fame, champagne, walk of shame lobby call
My reposition
Its kill or be killed,
Get fucked or get fucked up, nigga
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 and a one more time
Follow my, Ghetto Commandments
Follow my,
What up boy
I know both our pops
Lookin' at us

I used to dream (I used to dream) oh whoa
About the money and the cars and girls (and the girls)
But now

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