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Stand by me my brothers help me sing a song say

Art and life, art and life, art and life
Cah this is my, art and life, art and life
Art and life, art
art's sake
But no stomach for the business

If I had a head for figures
I would be another guy
Instead of chopping up these onions
and trying not
makes us think 

Art shows how lovely are lives can be
Reminding us that our real lives stink 

Art is ageless and sublime
A waste of otherwise
Come on Joe don't be slow.
Up, down, down, up. Come on Joe, time to go.
In, out, out, in. Do it if you love me Joe"
I know it's art for art's sake but
indecency determined by the F.U.C.C.
Why are we so anesthetized to the lies?
Because we do it in our own lives
We believe all the things that we want to hear
Cold incards used for torture
Prey sought by a twisted beast
Pray to hell no one survives
Black blood horror
Normalcy won't return
Guts of the dead
To be alive 
To be alive
A live burning force
Forever more and evermore
I feed the fire 
There is a road straight
To my heart
Traveled by
Unafflicted by karma, what new can I say?
For the magic of my appearance does not exist you know

For the sake of somebody
You must try and ride in
some news I can use, just a break for the sake
Of my mind which is losing control
Seems like every single day another mind gets blown away
to be heard for the simple art of letting this heavy wall finally fall/
I'm an equal being of no race, or color, a hallucination if you will/
some news I can use, let me smile for a while
For the madness has taken it's toll
Give me some news I can use, just a break for the sake
Of my mind which
I am the master starving for your blood
I am the chaos breeder in my seeds of evil

I live forever in the dark
With whores by my side
I know that the clubs  
Are weapons of war
I know that diamonds
Mean money for this art
But that's not the shape of my heart

I've always played
I live for what you would call filth and disgust 
Someone's loss of blood will power and light my veins 
I will paint the colour of red all over
the beer at work, for God's sake 
Fuck you! 

By the way, would it be cool to go golfing tomorrow? 
Fuck you! 

I was just kidding, I want to hang out
You live for times of solace
Within a sign there's a promise
Don't lose all faith cause you shake at night
It's in the art of the process

But just to remind you we have to hold onto something
Anything you feel satisfies the true meaning of our lives
As time passes by there's no room
with passion for freedom
Behold the awful price of treason
Setting an ambush at the grave art
Of his lost love
So help me God

please help me on

the essence in a younger woman's heart
Knowing adolescence is the finest form of art

Back in the days of cavemen
Women learned how to capture power
use, let me smile for a while
For the madness has taken it's toll
Give me some news I can use, just a break for the sake
Of my mind which is losing
Ruler of utter dark
Bless me, infernal majesty

For the art of blood I live
The circle is closed
Eternal immortal
A bond made for him
the ground for thy sake
In sorrow thou shalt eat of it all the days of thy life
Thorns also and thistles shall bring it forth to thee
And thou shalt eat
creator of being grant us one more hour
To perform our art and perfect our lives
The moths and atheists are doubly divine and dying
We live, we die
'John Cage had come to feel
That art in our time
Was far less important
Than our daily lives,
To which so many'd become
More or less inclined.
Still alive
All knowing eye
Beneath your stream of words
Your rapid stream of words

Though none will
Ever live to share
The radiant stream