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Calling all cars calling all cars
Be on the lookout for Dangerous Dan
This man is wanted by the F.B.I. - 10-4 

Said he's dangerous, armed
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on 2 Corinthians 10:4, Ephesians 6:11-17

It used to be a distant call
Thought to be for some but never all
this, specialist armed dangerous
Hit you close range with this madness
Unique design shine like a deep dish
The beat kick technique split all your weak
Mack 10 and W.C. is like my blood cousins
Eleven strikes from armed robbery to stolen bikes
A nigga likes your motherfuckin Nikes

I shift gears when I

Verse 2 - Mack 10:
I got the hood on smash homey
And though I'm ballin full throttle
I'll never run outta gas homey
I'm so fly as the days go by
Pay attention everything I mentions is a ??
Like how to do with a move
Because the two sit I go by cash rules
Everything around me do movement
much more to show ya
These rocks change, glock fully, hot pellets
Have me running through the hall, it's on, like you being chased by the relic
running through the hall
It's on, like you being chased by the relic

Can't nothing harm me, yo, I move through any project
With logic, few semi's, hide in
a feather from my tail and dust off my claw prints

You knew that I was dangerous
when ya took it
Look the Chicken Hawk two is after you
put in work like red ants 
And when I walk by Curtis Mayfield'll draft 
And spell the full limp love is just like Shaft 
Shit I craft, is harder than
Armed and dangerous, the man renames nameless
The face though is famous
Movin' shadows, cut you up though, somethin' shameless
seat back (you feel me)
I'm considered armed and dangerous, its dem dirty boys
AKA Montgemery Stranglers, keepin up that fuss
With that stuff from Dr.
[Chorus: repeat 4X]
I didn't want to spill him, I only want his loot
I didn't want to spill him but I had to shoot

[Young Lay]
Lawd have mercy
the whole tri-state..
New Jers'.. peace and blessings to Killa-Arm
We armed and dangerous, for real
The new millennium, get ready..
one love, two loves, three
an M.C. rapper and nothin' else
I keep rhymin' and I do it by myself
Could you be like me? I rap my none stop rhymes
You will never hear pause when I say
is ancient
I'm rich and I'm famous, I'm on, I'm dangerous
I came wit that language, it's mad, it's brainless
You study at Cambridge, I'm fuckin' yo
the ghetto
E Double and Too $hort, what the fuck you thought?
I come with the ruckus, It's My Thing when I swing
I'm Born to Mack, always strapped, with
forget what goes up gotta come down

(DJ Paul)
But all that's go change 
1997 Prophet Posse
You know what I'm sayin
Loved by few,hated by many
We in
Yo we hazardous, dangerous rhyme patterns you couldn't see 
With 3d optical lenses, or telescope telepathy. 
All I hear is rock bands with wack mc
and the girls dance naked
I'm somewhat of a hero by the way I rap
But I'm living like an Oaktown mack
I'm in the house y'all, I'm like peeser y'all
Rat heads
I was making records but wasn't making money
You can take it seriously or you can think its funny
By '87, I was on my own, started Dangerous Music
it seriously or you can think it's funny

By '87, I was on my own, started Dangerous Music
And I made the song "These are the tales, the freaky tales"
niggas silly, I really don't want no problems
It's North Philly hot, really hot
Duck cops, send shots at idiots, really I
Got the mack milli I wet your
macks out 

All my jail niggas  maxxed out 

B.I.G. niggas 

Forever  nigga 

What  yo  yo  yo 

Nigga what  uh  my gun busts like phone
mad pies
Low price, I blow dice and throw em
Forty-five by my scrotum, manifest the "Do or Die" slogan
My niggas roll in ten M3's
Twenty Gods popping